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I Bought a Domain!

Hello Everyone, I know I don't usually post on a Sunday but I had to do a little update post for you all! So seeing as I am getting close to 1000 followers on my blog, I thought it was about time that I purchased a domain to really set my blog up and be… Continue reading I Bought a Domain!

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Award: One Lovely Blog

Hello Everyone, I haven't posted an award in a while but I recently got nominated to do the lovely blog award by The Typical Beauty Blog. If you don't know her or haven't checked her out you definitely should! I love her skinlovin' Sunday posts, they are always full of amazing information when it comes to skin… Continue reading Award: One Lovely Blog

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The Benefits of Drinking Water

Hello Everyone, So today's post is all about water. You will hear all the time that you need to drink lots of water but do we all really know why. If you are losing weight or have been in the past. Whenever you ask anyone whats important when doing so they always say drinking lots… Continue reading The Benefits of Drinking Water

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Cocoabrown Ice Goddess Oil Review

Hello Everyone, So I've posted pictures of the Cocoabrown Ice Goddess oil when I picked them up and told you guys I would be doing a review and it is finally here. I was so excited to try this as I've heard so many good things about the original that I really had high hopes… Continue reading Cocoabrown Ice Goddess Oil Review

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Primark Havana Palette Review

Hello Everyone, Today's post is reviewing the new PS Havana palette by Penneys/Primark. I haven't seen a lot on the internet or on blogs about this palette so I thought I would put a review up for you all, if any of you are interested in trying it. I was never really one to try… Continue reading Primark Havana Palette Review

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Being A Woman.. Do We have to Dislike our Body?…

Hello Everyone, This post is different to the usual health and fitness posts I post every Thursday but I thought this post was needed so I hope some of you find it helpful or interesting and enjoy... Social media has ruined a lot of women's perceptions of themselves and I will admit it has effected… Continue reading Being A Woman.. Do We have to Dislike our Body?…

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Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip Review

Hello Everyone, As you all probably know, I am in love with all Colourpop products as they are all amazing so I had to try the new blotted lips that they recently brought out. I only bought one to start off with to review for you all so let's see what I thought about the… Continue reading Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip Review

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New Twitter For My Blog

Hello Everyone, I don't usually post on a Sunday but I thought I would write a quick post to let you know that yesterday I created a twitter for my blog, so that if anyone wants to they can keep up to date with my life. I've never had a twitter before so I'm really… Continue reading New Twitter For My Blog

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Day to Night Outfit Idea

Hello Everyone, Todays post is going to be a bit different to my usual outfit posts, in this post I will be focusing on one outfit and how it can be dressed up for the night time but can be dressed down and be worn during the day, so I hope you like it and… Continue reading Day to Night Outfit Idea

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Reasons To Start Working Out Today!

Hello Everyone, So for this weeks fitness/health post. I thought I would make it simple and motivational to help any of you out there who are struggling to stay on track or working out because we all have those days or even weeks. So I came up with some reasons as to why you should… Continue reading Reasons To Start Working Out Today!