Toni&Guy Nourish Hair Mask: Review

Hello Everyone,

So todays post is another review but this one is on the Toni&Guy Nourish mask. I purchased this product in mid July and I have been using it for the last 2 months or so to see what difference it would make.

The reason I bought this product was because during the Summer I was having a problem with a lot of my hair falling out every time I ran my hands through it or brushed or washed, my hair was basically falling out at unusual amounts everyday.

Some time in July I did head to the doctor and he did advise me that it was a completely normal thing for women to go through at some point in their lives and that it was something to do with the menstrual cycle and that it should be back to normal in a couple of months.


I started using this mask once a week, every weekend to nourish and strengthen my hair, I leave it in for 3-5 minutes as advised on the box. The one thing I have noticed since using it is that it makes my hair so soft and shiny! I have also noticed a lot of hairs growing back quite quickly, I’m not sure if that is down to the mask as my hair grows so quickly naturally but my aim is to keep using it and hopefully they will continue to grow strong and nourished. The product lasts so long as I’ve been using it for 2 months now and you can see that it doesn’t look like I’ve been using it at all, I usually use a small amount as a little goes a long way with this product so I can see it lasting a long while yet!

Overall I really like the mask and how it makes my hair smell and feel, it has such a nice clean and floral scent but isn’t too strong that it works as a perfume! 😛 If you are on the lookout for a hair mask that leaves your hair feeling shiny and smelling fresh then you should definitely give this mask a go! You can find it in any Boots, Sam McCauleys or Superdrug in Ireland.

So that’s it for todays post I hope you all enjoyed it and let me know in the comments what your favourite hair mask is to use!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!