What I got For Christmas 2016

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are enjoying the last few days of 2016. I have seen a lot of posts going around for what I got for Christmas so I decided since people seem to really like them, that I would give it a go. I’m going to separate them into two parts, the first part is the non beauty presents I received and the second will be all the makeup products I received. Before I start I do want to say a big thank you to everyone who gifted me something, I’m so grateful for everything I received!

So now on to the gifts I received.

The first 3 presents are from my boyfriend.I only asked for one thing from him as I have been eyeing up this watch for months and have been looking forward to getting it for so long! I am a big fan of silver, every piece of jewelry that I wear is silver so this watch fitted in perfectly as I haven’t had a nice watch in so long. The watch that he bought me is the Rosefield-The Mercer, white and silver.

The first surprise that he bought me was that gorgeous cross necklace,I used to always wear a cross necklace when I was younger but since I lost it I never purchased a new one so I was so happy and surprised to see that he had thought of it. The reason he bought me a cross with sapphire stones is because I was gifted a sapphire ring by my parents for my 20th birthday, so now they go perfectly together.

The last big thing that he bought me was the DKNY womens perfume, it is a very fruity and green scented perfume but I have really been liking it as I am usually one who wears perfumes such as my two favourites, River Island Paris and Vera Wang Princess perfume. But I am really liking something different.

The next gifts are from my sister. My sister paid for the nails I showed in my previous post but she also surprised me with a few things. The first thing was this gorgeous River Island purse, I have been needing a new purse as I have had the same one for the last 5 years so I was well due a new one! 😛

The next thing she kingly got me was a new bottle of my beloved perfume, the River Island perfume in Paris. I love this perfume, it is my favourite perfume I have ever tried.

The last thing I got was 2 pieces from New Look,  the first was a burgundy scarf, the last was a check shirt, if you know me well you would know that I am obsessed with check shirts and that I can never have too many. The check shirt is also burgundy with black and white stripes.

The last thing that I was given was a tangle teaser, I have never purchased a tangle teaser as I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on it but I have to say, my hair is so knotty naturally because it is thick and wavy. But this brush gets rid of all the knots in my hair, I’m loving it!

So that’s everything that I got that was not beauty related, let me know in the comments what you got for Christmas. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.