What I Got For Christmas (Beauty) 2016

Hello Everyone,

So todays post is the second part of my What I got For Christmas posts, todays post is about all the makeup that I received this year. As you will see below all of the makeup is from Colourpop, I did ask my parents for some Colourpop makeup as I have heard so much about the brand but had never tried anything from them before. I am so happy and grateful for everything I received, they are all so nice! So lets get started..

The first set that I received was the Up and Away liquid lipstick set, this set comes with 3 liquid lipsticks, one satin and two matte lipsticks. The three shades include a dark brown called Love Bug which is matte, a burnt orange shade called Mama which is also a matte and the last is a pinky nude called Calypso which is a satin finish.

The next set that I received is called the Zingara set. This set includes 4 eyeshadows, two matte, one satin and one pearlized finish shadow. The first shadow is called Jinxie, this is a pearlized finish and is a soft gold shade. The next shadow is called Elixir and is a matte terracotta shade, the third shade is called Paradox and is a warm satin burgundy red and the last shade is called Seeker and is a matte red toned brown.

The last set I was gifted by my parents was the Staycation lippie kit. The set comes with six lippie sticks all with a matte finish. The first is a very flesh toned nude called Cookie, the second is called Brink and is a ‘my lips but better’ shade and is one of my personal favourites, the third is a dark brown shade called Grunge and the next lippie stick is called Bossy and is a classic red blue that I have chosen to wear this New Years Eve! The fifth lippie stick is called I Heart This and is a gorgeous fuchsia shade and the last lippie stick is the darkest it is called LBB and is a dark plum wine.

So that is all the makeup I received this year, I have been trying them all out since I received them and I will be dedicating a post to each set to do a review for you all so stay tuned for that! Let me know in the comments what makeup you received for Christmas this year! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you all in my next post.