My Favourite Perfumes

Hello Everyone,

I have never been someone to  buy a lot of perfumes or switch them up regularly once I find some that I like. Perfume shopping is not something I really enjoy, as half the time I just end up in a fit of sneezing because of all the different scents being sprayed everywhere. But every now and again I like to pop in and see what new scents are about and see if they are something that I would like to wear. Over the years I have found 3 that are different but similar scents in some instances. Personally I tend to go for fruity, musky type scents but there is a perfume I found recently that brakes the norm and I actually really enjoy wearing it. So lets get started with the perfumes that are my favourites.

The first perfume is the one I have been loving the longest and that is the Vira Wang Princess perfume. I first got this perfume a few years ago and have been repurchasing it ever since. There are many different scents that make up the finished fragrance of the perfume, some of the scents are Apricot, Apple, Water Lily, Tuberose, Guava, Dark Chocolate, Tiare Flower, Amber, Vanilla and Musk.  You can see from some of the ingredients that the perfume does have a sweet scent to it but also has a touch of musk which are two of my favourite scents combined. I wear this perfume throughout the whole year but some people choose to keep it to the Spring and Summer months, but either way, I would definitely recommend it to you all to try!

The next perfume I have been using for the last two years or so, this perfume is one I am currently loving. River Island describe the scent as “Radiant and voluptuous, with a sexy mix of white flowers and creamy woods blended with dark amber and vanilla bark. Paris is our uber feminine fragrance.” I love this fragrance for day and night! Again  it has a mix of two of my favourite scents, sweetness and fruity with touches of muskiness as well, which gives it this warming scent, if that makes sense.


The last of my favourite perfumes is the most recent one. This one was gifted to me by my boyfriend for Christmas, it has a very different scent compared to the other two above but it is a scent I have grown to love the more I have worn it. DKNY describe the scent of the perfume as “DKNY Women fragrance is always in motion, exploding with the energy of New York. The fragrance consists of three accords, the opening notes are energising with a sparkling mixture of Blood Oranges, Mandarin, chilled Vodka and fine ripe Tomato leaf. This is followed by an intoxicating accord of modern florals, including yellow Waterlillies, green Coral Orchids and Daffodils. The base notes are sensual, soft and feminine with white Birch and Tulip tree bark.” The fragrance of this perfume is definitely more ‘green’ and less musky than the others, but I really like the freshness of the perfume. It also lasts the longest on the skin out of all of the perfumes here, which is always a plus!

So thats it for todays post! Let me know in the comments what you think of the perfumes above and also let me know what your favourite perfumes are. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!




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