Bring on the swimsuits!

​Hello Everyone,

Since my bikini post went down so well I mentioned that I was thinking of making one for anyone that would prefer to wear a one piece. I love both bikinis and one pieces but I can’t help but feel more comfortable in a one piece. So let’s get on to the pieces and I hope you like them!

This first swimsuit is from Asos and is for those of you that still want to show off more skin or be a bit daring but would prefer to do it in a one piece. I love this piece as the colours are so eye catching and I love the high neck and open sides, its such a pretty piece!

This next swimsuit is perfect for those of you that want cover and feel confident in a swimsuit. This one is perfect as it fits your figure perfectly and hugs your figure in all the right places!

I am loving the next swimsuit I think that this piece would look amazing on with a tan. I love the combination of the blue and white and who doesn’t love stripes!

There is always a trend with my posts, there is always a red price involved, although I don’t own many red things, it is always a colour that I go for when I want to put a lot of effort in or want to look good, I feel like its such an elegant colour, you can’t go wrong with red! And this swimsuit is gorgeous with the wrap detailing under the chest.

If any of you have a full bust then this swimsuit might not be for you as it wouldnt cover a large chest but for those of you that don’t this swimsuit is so pretty and the lace up detailing on the front will be so flattering!

This last swimsuit is one of my favourites in this post. I love the look of this swimsuit and how girly and pretty it is. There is just something about it that I love and the white suit on with a tan would be so nice!

So that’s it for today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed it, if you would like me to do another one with some different styles of bikinis or swimsuits let me know! Also let me know what your favourite piece is in this post in the comments!😊 see you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,


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6 thoughts on “Bring on the swimsuits!”

  1. Great post!! I’d say out of all the swimsuits I like the red the most. I think it’s just because it has a really nice look to it, the color is gorgeous, also shows some skin in the front with the crisscross, but not much. Unfortunately I don’t get out to the beach much any more & our pool is now a frog pond…No Swimming!! LOL!!

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