Outfit of the Day #2

Hello Everyone,

So today’s post is another outfit of the day. I thought I would do these every week or so just picking one outfit out of my week and share it will you all. So todays outfit is a simple outfit I wore the other day when I went to a gig in town which was really casual.

The cropped top I wore is one of my favourites that I own. If you guys have been following my insagram for a while you would notice that I love the colour blue and this cropped jumpers is one of my favourites to wear. Β The jeans I wore were high waisted mom jeans, I adore these jeans. They are my favourite jeans that I own and I love the subtle embroidery in them.

Cropped Top: Penneys/Primark

Jeans: Penneys/Primark

So that’s it for todays post. I ope you all liked it. One a side note though, I really need to invest in a full length mirror so that I can take more full length pictures, but I hope you all don’t mind these types of outfit of the days for now. See you in my next pot.

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