Cocoabrown Ice Goddess Oil Review

Hello Everyone,

So I’ve posted pictures of the Cocoabrown Ice Goddess oil when I picked them up and told you guys I would be doing a review and it is finally here. I was so excited to try this as I’ve heard so many good things about the original that I really had high hopes for this product. So what did I think?….

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, I was a little disappointed with this product as I didn’t feel it lived up to the hype that everyone put on it. It is very pigmented and even when you swatch it a little does go a long way. Where I found its faults was when I mixed it in with my makeup or placed it on top of my makeup to use it as a highlighter. What I found when I mixed it in with my foundation, was that it didn’t make the slightest difference, it didn’t look like I had mixed anything in even though I would put a good amount it. I also found when I used it as a highlighter that it moved my makeup and although it was pigmented when it was placed on my skin, all the makeup that was underneath it was no longer there and it would make my makeup look really patchy wherever I placed it, which wasn’t ideal.

In saying that there were some good things about it. When it was placed on the skin which is its main purpose, it did work really well and was so pigmented it made my skin shine without looking oily and I would really recommend it if you are looking to buy it for that purpose.

The packaging is also amazing quality with the container being glass and the pump makes it so easy to use so that you are in control with the amount you apply. It is really easy to apply and blend into the skin which is also a really good thing about it and it dries in instantly so you are not left flailing your arms and legs around hoping it will dry before you get changed. If it does get on any of your clothes, it does wash out so you don’t have to worry about it staining like a lot of oils and fake tans do.

Overall I do really like the product but I personally wouldn’t recommend it for using with or on top of your makeup but to use it as a highlighter on the skin I would really recommend it for anyone who is pale, it is definitely worth a try. I hope you all liked this review, let me know in the comments what you thought of this goddess oil if you have tried it, I would love to know what you all thought. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,