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Hello Everyone,

I haven’t posted an award in a while but I recently got nominated to do the lovely blog award by The Typical Beauty Blog. If you don’t know her or haven’t checked her out you definitely should! I love her skinlovin’ Sunday posts, they are always full of amazing information when it comes to skin and taking care of it. So definitely check her out😊 Thank you so much for the tag Kimmie💕

So the rules for the tag are very simple and you can check them out below👇

I found it so hard to think of 7 things about myself but here’s what I came up with:

1. I’m 20 years old but I turn 21 in less than a month but too be honest, I’m not overly excited about it the way most people are😛

2. I adore cats, I have always had a pet cat growing up until recently but I can’t wait to move out on my own and get another one!😊

3. I study marketing and advertising in college and have one year left until I graduate but I’ve still no idea what I want to do when I graduate, so I have to start figuring that out soon.😊

4. I am born and raised in Ireland and although I love to travel, I definitely see myself settling and loving the rest of my life here. I love this country😊

5. I can be called a fussy eater, depending on who you ask. I love meat, which won’t appeal to any vegetarians or vegans but I honestly love it. I’m not a fan of vegetables at all, I very rarely eat them which I know is not very good, I’m working on it😛

6. Unlike a lot of people, I love working out and going to the gym, it always puts me in the best mood and I love how I feel afterwards. And surprising to some women, lifting weights/strength training is my absolute favourite!💪

7. I created this blog a year ago because I wanted to see how WordPress differed to blogger, I created a blog on blogger but soon deleted it as I wasn’t a fan of how blogger worked, but I am very glad that I switched over here and continued on writing, it was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made, I love writing!😊 and that you all for sticking by me and reading, liking and following my blog, its been an amazing journey so far💓

So now its time for the 5 bloggers that I am tagging for the lovely blog award, be sure to check them out!

1. Charliestar

2. Emily

3. Jade

4. Sophie

5. Lily

So that’s it for today’s post, I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what your favourite blog award is. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,




  1. May 20, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    Congratulations on the award. Yes, Blogger isn’t as friendly as WordPress, plus it’s definitely
    more interactive here in WP. It’s nice getting to know you more, Lauren! 💕

    • May 20, 2017 / 6:09 pm

      Thank you!😊 yeah I completely agree its way better here on WordPress😊💙

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