My Penney’s Finds

Hello Everyone,

Todays post is a really quick post about some of the new things I have purchased from Penneys recently. I am a big fan of Penneys but sometimes it is hard to find things that you like, but when I popped in there recently I found so many things for the summer that were very me, so of course I thought I would share them with you.

It has been so long since I’ve done any sort of review on my blog and I really noticed that I haven’t really gone shopping at all this year bar picking up a thing or two. I am quite proud of myself for that though as I have been trying to save recently due to having such a busy summer this year, I need all the money I can put together. Anyway lets get on to some of the pieces that I picked up!

The first piece is a band tee which of course is from the mens section as they never have nice band tees in the womans section I find. It was €10 which isn’t bad at all and it is so comfy, I will definitely be living out of it for the summer!

The next two pieces are embroidered pieces that I picked up because like most people it is a trend that I am really liking recently. The first one is a shirt that is kinda like a shirt dress as it is quite long on me but maybe that’s because I’m so short 😛 But it caught my eye when I was in the shop, the embroidery is so pretty and bright that it just screamed summer, so I had to have it! I like to tie it at the front though so that I wear it as a shirt knotted and not as a dress and then I just took the back of it into whatever jeans I am wearing.

The second embroidered piece is this gorgeous top with bell bottom sleeves (I think that’s what they are called at least) It is so pretty and flattering on. I didn’t think it would suit me as I have a bigger chest but it really is flattering so if you are on the more busty side, definitely check this out. If anything, I think it makes my chest look a little bit smaller which is always a plus for me.

You have probably seen this palette a lot on my social media recently as I did a review on it which you can check out here if you like and have been absolutely loving it since I picked it up but in case you are not following my social media, it is the Havana Palette by Penneys. Definitely a must have for only €6.

Lastly I picked up some chokers, I’ve always been a big fan of chokers and I’ve recently misplaced some of mine so I had to pick up some new ones, and these were so pretty!

So that’s it for todays post. I hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what your favourite store is to shop in. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,



7 thoughts on “My Penney’s Finds”

  1. Loved this post, Penneys is such a good shop to try trend pieces for an affordable price. Plus love the review on the Havana Palette! I’d been on the fence about buying but think I definitely will now! 🙂

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