Photography Apps Every Blogger Needs

Hello Everyone,

So in today’s post I thought that I would share some of the apps that I love and have found come in so handy as a blogger and trying to keep on top of everything, I am always finding new apps that help to make life easier so lets see what’s been helping me so far. I thought I would brake them into categories so that it is easier for you all to follow. The first category is Photography as this is probably the one that a lot of you will be most interested in.


VSCO– A lot of you may have heard about this app as it is one of the most popular apps that bloggers use nowadays for editing their photos. Personally it is not my favourite as it takes a little bit longer to edit pictures than other apps, but it is still really good and gives you a great quality picture at the end. There are set filters given in the app but I don’t tend to use them that often, but they are really handy to have if you want to quickly edit a photo.

Overlay– This was one of the first apps that I used to edit my photos for posts and instagram. It is similar to vsco but you can edit posts a lot quicker and the layout of the app is a lot more user friendly than vsco. I quickly edited a photo which is shown down below, its not the best quality but I hope you get the gist of how easy it can be to make a picture pop!

TextOnPhoto– A lot of you guys ask me how I edit my photos that have text and this is the app that I use. You can use this to layer text over photos but also to have them over a plain background. I love this app as you can create the exact text that you want as it gives you so many fonts and colours and also gradient options. Definitely an app I would recommend if you are struggling to find  a good app for text. 😊


Snapseed– This is the most recent photography app that I have downloaded for editing pictures and honestly, it is the one I’ve been using the most lately. It is really simple to use and can really bring out the colours in a picture, I tend to use this app most when I have pictures that are quite dull and when I want pictures to have a focus piece so that the background is blurry. It’s a great app for editing photos quickly but still having them look somewhat professional. And of course an example below of how I use the app:  

So that’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments what your favourite apps are for editing your pictures, I’d love to discover more! I will be doing more of these posts on different apps that bloggers should know so stay tuned for those posts soon. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,