Apps Bloggers Need To Know

Hello Everyone,

So today’s app favourites are general apps that bloggers should have to handle social media better and general apps that make a bloggers life that little bit easier!


The wordpress app is the one I reach for most and is probably one that you all have and use but if not I think you should definitely give it a try. The WordPress app makes keeping on top of comments quick and easy, I also find it really handy for whenever I have an idea for a post,I can write it down on the app when I am on the go instead of having to wait until I can get home to check up on my blog.Its really handy for seeing how new posts are doing and peoples reactions to them too.


Keeping on top of social media can be very hard and time consuming, so having an app like buffer to schedule posts on Twitter and instagram can come in so handy. Its really good for twitter whenever you post a new post, you can have tweets ready to go without having to do anything at all. There is a downside, due to instagrams policy they don’t allow apps to post on your behalf so you will still have to post them yourself but the app is handy to have so that your posts are ready to go when you need them to.


A lot of bloggers like to use this app as a way of promoting their new posts and use it as a way to gain more traffic to their blogs but personally I love the app for interacting with other bloggers and keeping up to date on their blogs and any new posts I’ve missed. Definitely try it out if you love finding new blogs to read. Its also great for gaining inspiration from others.

Accounts (Excel)

Personally I don’t make money from my site but if you do make money from yours, its so important to have an accounts section in apps such as Excel, anything that gives you a spreadsheet to keep on top of your accounts is so important for tax reasons.

Social Media

Would you really be a blogger if you didn’t have social media sites?😛 Social media is so important for gaining more traffic to your blog. If you are trying to gain more traffic, promoting your new posts on sites is a great way to do it. The main ones to have are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, these sites are the main ones that help you get your posts out there and its a great way to interact with other bloggers too!


Pinterest is viewed by most as a social media but really it’s a great way of gaining traffic to your site, having a Pinterest account where you are creating your own pins, with your own pictures with links to your site is a great way to gain traffic and new readers. Its important to be active on this social media daily by pinning at least 20 tags a day to whatever boards you create. Its good to have around 7-10 boards that you pin to for others to follow.

So that’s it for today’s post! Let me know in the comments what your favourite apps are as a blogger. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,