Relationship Experiences & Tips #1

Hello Everyone,

So today’s post is a bit different. I love chatting to you all on my Thursday posts about things that interest me, recently I’ve seen a lot of people on social media talking about relationships, from family/friends to partners so today I thought that I would do a post relating to that topic. Relationships can be a tricky thing to talk about but I thought that I would give it a go, I will probably break this post into parts but we will see how much I get through in todays post!

So relationships, where do I even start? I think every relationship you have is so important and every relationship must be worked on my everyone but today I thought I would mainly focus on friendships. I have had a lot of ups and downs and chosen the wrong friends over the years but I’ve finely found the friends that are true friends that I can completely trust.


Going through school when I was very young, I was always someone who had a lot of friends and a nice little group of best friends that I could trust. It wasn’t until I got older and changed schools that I found it so hard to make friends. I am naturally a shy person, so putting myself out there when I don’t know people is something I always find difficult, especially when I was in my early teen years. ¬†When I was in secondary school, I ended up falling in with a group of girls that didn’t really get me. Don’t get me wrong they were nice girls but we had different personalities and wanted different things in life. I was always one to dream about a life of happiness and success when I was younger and those friends never had dreams, finishing school was as far as it went. I could never open up or trust them which is one thing that friends are there for. So it came to the point for me where I just ended up leaving them behind and moving on with my life. Although I did feel alone for a period of time, I still think it was the right thing to do, I needed time to myself to be able to focus on my life and what I wanted without others bringing me down.

When I went into college, I decided that I had had enough of being awkward and shy and it was time to step out of my comfort zone. This is something I look back on and am so thankful that I had done it. Within a week, I had met the most amazing girls that still to this day 3 years later are the girls that I love, trust and rely on whenever I need to talk to someone.


I have experienced a lot of different people in my life and I have learned who to trust and who not to. If I was to advise anyone it would be to not settle for people that don’t bring you up and make you feel like you can be the real you around them. If it doesn’t feel and you can’t be yourself, the best thing to do is to walk away and move on. It’s so hard to do and you will have a period of time were you do feel alone but honestly it is so worth it. Finding friends that are right for you is just as important as finding a partner that just gets you.

Don’t trust someone just because they tell you you can. Personally I have never been someone to tell people a lot of personal things but I know some people find it hard to not trust people but it is something that is so important, especially when you get older, figuring out who you can trust and who you need to leave behind in life is a must!

If people are bringing you down and making you feel bad for being you, let them go.. Time on this earth isn’t that long so make sure to spend it with people who you love and cherish and with people that love and cherish you back just as much!

And my last tip in todays post is to make sure that the relationship goes both ways. I have been bad for this at times in the past when I used to just leave it up to other people to contact me but its so important to get in contact with others and for the support and love to go both ways. Like in a relationship with a partner, it will never work if only one of you is doing all the work to keep the relationship going. So make sure you take time out of your busy day to get in contact with those friends who have always been there for you!

So that’s it for today’s post. Sorry if it seems a bit all over the place, I was just typing everything I thought of, let me know if you have any other tips for friendships and how to know who to trust in the comments. See you in my next post!

Thank you for reading,