Well Hello There July!

Hello Everyone,

Last month I did a post like this and it went down really well so I thought that I would do it again this month.

So to start off, thank you all so much for all your happy birthday wishes, they honestly meant so much! My birthday was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend it with so I was a very happy girl. You only turn 21 once and it was one I will remember, for good reasons thankfully haha anyway let’s get on to the post!

Last month I had a few goals that I thought I should focus on and I think I did really well over the course of the month to achieve them😊

❌Okay I will admit the first goal I had I didn’t really achieve at all but it was my birthday and my boyfriends birthday in June so I think I can be forgiven for not eating so healthy in the last month right? This is a goal however, that I want to bring forward to this month as I really do think that I can start it, I am working a lot from now on but other than that I don’t have too many plans so I think I have the time fo reay focus on my fitness and health this month, let’s hope so anyway😛
✅The next goal I had was to blog 3 times a week and I stuck to that! I even posted 4 times a week on some weeks in June, I really focused on my blog content in June and I’m so happy that I was able to do that.

✅Focusing on twitter, this was a goal I didn’t think I would achieve at as I was never one to really use or like Twitter, but over the last month I have really began to like it and love the interaction of the blogger community on there and how nice so many of the girls are! Make sure to follow me to keep up to date and chat!

✅Reading more blogs is something that I really wanted to pay more attention to in the last month and although I did read more, I really want to find more that I can follow and keep up with, so definitely leave your links below and even some of your favourite blogs to read!

✅I did it! I was able to concker my awful habit of procrastination! Dont get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, but I did  it, over the last few months I spent so much time trying to up my social media involvement and also writing lots of blog posts for you guys that I was able to keep myself so busy! Of course there were days when I would jusy relax, but I used them as days off from social media and blogging, which I think is definitely needed to stay sane!😛 So I am so happy that I was able to achieve this one and it is definitely one that I want to bring forward to the month of July.

As for my goals for the month of July, I can’t really say that I have any other than to continue with last months, let me know what some of your goals are for the months of July! See you in my next post!

Thank you for reading,