Relationships Experience & Tips #2

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I recently done a post on friendships and how its so important to have amazing friends around you, I’ll link it here if you want to check it out but today I thought that I would talk to you all about relationships with a partner eg. Boyfriend/girlfriend. In this post I am only giving my point of view and what I have learned in recent years when dating, so I hope you like this post and what I have to say…

Tips and Experience

Your dad will tell you never to go near boys and sometimes you will think he was really right, every girl has that time in her life when she just keeps meeting the wrong guys and she starts to think that there is no good guys out there who actually treat women right. I know I definitely went through this stage a few years ago and I did give up for a while, I spent some time focusing on myself and began to really realise what I wanted in life. But I will tell you that that time doesn’t last forever. Of course there are boys that will want to take advantage of you, or ones that might only want you for one thing but it’s so important for you to keep telling yourself that you are better than that and the one you are looking for will come along when the time is right. I always say that without those bad experiences with boys I wouldn’t have learned how right my boyfriend was for me. Of course we have had ups and downs and like any relationship, it isn’t plain sailing but you realise how good someone is from the ones that were bad, it really stops you from taking advantage of the very few nice guys there are left.

Work through the hard times

Being in a relationship with a partner will always have its ups and downs, it’s only natural. What I have seen from a lot of young couples is that they give up on each other so easily. You are never going to see eye to eye about everything with someone so it’s so important to think of the other person and be able to compromise. Its something that I have noticed a lot of people are not willing to do. Maybe that’s the medias fault for making people think that there is someone perfect with no flaws. Don’t get me wrong there is someone that is perfect for everyone but even then there will always be times when you need to compromise. One thing you need to remember when things get tough is that things will get better and those downs will work as learning curves for your relationship, all you have to do is get through them together.

Your Partners Friends

Getting along with your partners friends can be tough and there may be people in their friend group that you honestly can’t get along with and that’s okay. I think although it is important to get along with your partners friends, sometimes there is only so much you can do. That doesn’t mean that you and your partner at not meant for each other, it just means that person clicks with them in a different way. Of course if that person is influencing your partner in a bad way that’s completely different and of course you have the right to feel that way and approach your partner. I have had this experience personally in the past and my boyfriend although he didn’t completely agree, when I showed him examples of certain things, he began to see that I was saying it truly for his benefit!

Listen to Others

No matter how obsessed or in love you may be with a person it’s important to step back and look from an outside perspective, if you feel something is not right or if all your loved ones are telling you not to trust him. If it is people that you love and trust that are telling you this, there is usually a reason behind it and its important to remember that they are telling you to keep you safe and for your benefit so listen to what they have to say even if it is really hard to hear. 

Communication is key

Communication is so important in a relationship, without communication and trust there is no point in having a relationship with someone, so make sure that you communicate to each other and talk if you have an issue or just in general, be there for one another to talk to whenever something is up and either of you need someone to be there for them.

So that’s it for todays post! I hope you all liked it, let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the topic and if you are interested in reading the first part of this post about friendships click here! See you all in my next post.

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