My Dream Cottage Kitchen, Pinterest Inspo.

Hello Everyone,

I’ve seen a few people do posts like this recently and I find them so interesting to read and find out what styles people love and what they have been pinning for home decor on Pinterest, so today I thought I would share with you some of the dreamy kitchens that I will be using for inspiration when I buy a house.

I’ve always loved a white wooden kitchen, ever since I’ve been young its something I’ve wanted and I find myself pinning them on Pinterest all the time, there is something to peaceful about a white kitchen with a touch of colour, it makes a room so bright, so here is some of my inspiration so far, I hope you guys enjoy😊

This post was super quick but I hope you all enjoyed it! I’m sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday but I hope you guys enjoyed it today, let me know what your favourite kitchen is in the comments below! See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,



33 thoughts on “My Dream Cottage Kitchen, Pinterest Inspo.”

  1. Bahhhh, I love everything about this post and I love a bright, white kitchen! It looks so clean and chic and it’s perfect for my southern roots! I love the charm that it emits and I just don’t think you could go wrong with something like this! xoxo

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  2. This post has me like near drooling which might sound weird but I could look an interior design posts all day long – especially where kitchens are concerned. And white ones always seem so bright, crisp and clean. Your chosen options are so lovely! ❤️

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  3. I understand you, I plan my future kitchen all the time! lol There is just something about white kitchens that make everything so relaxing and soothing!

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  4. This is your kitchen?! I have an open concept kitchen and I find that I have such a difficult time trying to figure out how to style it! This looks absolutely GORGGGGGEOUS! Feel free to stop by my blog and see how my kitchen looks right now. I’m trying to find kitchen inspo so I can take mine to the next level ❤

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