A Healthy Lifestyle, Where to Start?..

Hello Everyone,

So its Thursday and that means a new post on health and fitness. I’m currently one week into my healthy lifestyle change and I’ve been changing little things here and there so that the transition is made a little easier. I know that starting a healthy lifestyle can be so hard, especially when you are stuck in the habit of eating unhealthy and not exercising. So the most important thing when you decide to start, is to take it slow! Losing weight and gaining a healthy lifestyle takes time, and that’s okay, its supposed to. There’s no point in fad diets or quick fixes when you end up putting all the weight on and more a while after. Its so unhealthy for your body. So taking it slow and doing it the right way, you’re body will thank you in the long run. So all these tips are from my experience and of course everyone is different and will start with different things but here’s what I felt helps me best and how I started…

1.Drinking more water!

I know this is something that people hear all the time but honestly it is so important. When I start to eat healthy, I always start with drinking more water. I don’t change any of my eating habits for the first few days, but I just focus on drinking at least 1.5 litres a day for the first few days and once I’ve got that under control and once it becomes a habit I then move on to the next step.

2. Cutting out the bad habits slowly.

Slowly is key! When I begin to cut out some unhealthy habits. As I would be drinking more water, the habit of drinking fizzy drinks goes down a lot as majority of the time I would either be drinking water or tea. Next on the list is chocolate/ crisps, basically any junk food I cut out at this point as it’s probably the worst habit and one that is causing the weight gain in the first place. Of course I don’t cut them out completely, I designate one day a week where I allow myself a treat or two to make sure that I stick to it and don’t cave from not having anything. The easiest way to cut out the sweets and junk food is to substitute them with healthy alternatives, I know that is definitely easier said than done, but it is worth while to sit down and think about what you can substitute them with😊 Don’t cut out everything “bad” remember that this is a lifestyle change and one that you need to keep up for the rest of your life, so if you can’t enjoy the food you eat, you have to think of other alternatives.

3.  Exercise! Yaay!

Exercise can be the hardest step for some people, I know for me being out of the habit for so long it was hard to start but once I did, I found that it was quite easy to keep it going. The hardest part was finding something that I enjoyed instead of feeling like I was forcing myself to get up and do something. I love going to the gym but a lot of the time I can’t afford to keep going as a lot of the gyms near me keep raising their prices, so when I don’t have the money for that I work out at home. I found a space in the house and used YouTube videos, the only videos I watched are the fitness blender videos, this couple are honestly amazing! They made fitness so much more enjoyable by the workouts that they put together and honestly, they work so well. In a matter of weeks I seen a difference. I was working out 3-5 days a week for an hour or so and it was so worth it! Definitely check out their channel if you are interested in trying their workouts out.

So they are my 3 biggest steps to getting healthy and changing a lifestyle for good! If you have any tips that you found helped you definitely put them in the comments so anyone who needs them can see them. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,



88 thoughts on “A Healthy Lifestyle, Where to Start?..”

  1. I know everyone is different, but adding a walk to your routine really helps get you going. It’s a step in the right direction for exercise. I started with 10 minutes a day, then 20, then 30. Now I average about 45 minutes a day which I’m hoping to increase to an hour!

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  2. Its really all about consistency I feel! I have recently adopted a much healthier lifestyle than what I was living before and I feel great. I’m running everyday, eating more greens, feeling a lot lighter and better!

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  3. Love that you focus that becoming healthy has to be sustainable and slowly. I often see others making the mistakes of trying to cut out junk food completely and then binge when their willpower has been undermined. I love how you are approaching this, and I’m glad to see these posts!

    Natalie | Natalie’s Alchemy

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  4. Great post! These are really good and helpful tips. One thing that has helped me the most is to completely change my mindset from wanting to lose weight to wanting to feel and be healthy. This way I don’t put pressure on myself to lose weight and be upset if I fail. It gives me a more positive outlook.

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  5. I agree with you at every point. For me the key is exercise more, because I love doing workouts but sometimes my inner laziness win, I need to do something and after when I come back to my workout routine I automatically start to eat healthier and drink more water etc.

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  6. The key to achieving this is setting up some good basic habits. For example, it might be that you calculate the macro content of a certain meal, say breakfast and eat the same thing every day. It reduces the stress associated with thinking of food or picking food or wondering if the food is within your ‘tolerance’ so to speak. I’ve been low carb now for about 10 weeks lost 10kgs and having been plodding slowly and surely through changing small habits to make the lifestyle change much easier. Lovely post!

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  7. Yes!!! This is so so true. A few months ago I decided to change completely my lifestyle habits. That included more vegetables, less fatties, and more (much more) exercise. The first weeks were a nightmare. But once I got together my routine, it’s awesome. I feel so much better!!! Loved the post 🙂

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