The Benefits of Drinking Water

Hello Everyone,

So today’s post is all about water. You will hear all the time that you need to drink lots of water but do we all really know why. If you are losing weight or have been in the past. Whenever you ask anyone whats important when doing so they always say drinking lots of water helped them so much but how and why? I find that its never really explained. So in today’s post that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I think it’s important for us all to know why we need to drink water and what it does inside that is so good. So lets get started…

Keeping your body hydrated everyday no matter what you are doing, is so important. It has so many benefits to it. Personally when I started losing weight I found that drinking lots of water helped clear my skin up so much and helped me to eat less as whenever I felt a little bit peckish I would drink lots of water and realise I wasn’t even hungry so that I would just eat at all my meal times instead of snacking a lot. Its a great way to combat snacking, if you find that you do that a lot.

Water helps clean your body out and the reason it helps you to lose weight is because it helps boost your metabolism, this will help you burn calories quicker and help you lose weight. That’s not the only way it helps with weightloss, drinking lots of water helps your body to retain less water, this means that when you are not drinking enough water, your body stores it to make sure it can hydrate the body so you will find that drinking lots of water will lead to you feeling less bloated and all the water that your body was retaining will go so that helps to lose a few pounds.

So they are the reasons why you lose weight when drinking lots of water everyday but I thought I would also give you some other benefits of drinking water…

  • Gives you stronger nails
  • Helps you fight aging
  • Clears all your acne
  • Reduces your hair loss
  • Cures any sunburn
  • Helps you loose weigh

If you find it hard to drink water on its own, here are a few tips to help make it easier..

  • Add lemon or other fruits to your water to give it more of a fruity/fresh taste
  • Set a specific goal of how much you want to drink per day
  • Use a straw- this one may seem like it doesn’t make a difference but trust me it does. I find it so difficult to drink water out of a glass but if I use a straw, I drink it so much quicker and find it so much easier😊
  • Eat fruit that contains high amounts of water (watermelon, tomatoes etc.)
  • Set an alarm on your phone for every few hours to help remind you to drink a glass of water again

So that’s it for today’s post, let me know in the comments what benefits you found from drinking lots of water or what tips you have to make it easier to drink. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,