Blogging: My Pet Peeves

Hello Everyone,

I don’t usually talk about negative things on my blog but I thought it would be interesting to write a post about some of my pet peeves with blogging. Don’t get me wrong, there is much more I like about blogging than I dislike but I thought I would share the few things that are a bit on the annoying side, for me anyway. 😛 So I hope you enjoy and be sure to let me know what some of your pet peeves are!

Spam Comments

I know that this is not majority or anything close to it, but since I’ve been blogging for the past year, I have received a lot of spam comments, or comments that really have nothing to do with what the post is about or even anything that my blog is about. When people comment on blog posts, nine times out of ten they are all so lovely, and to date, I have never received a hateful comment, which I am so thankful to you all for! You have all been so lovely! One thing I have noticed as my family of followers here grew, was that more people started to comment on my posts with just their web address and their name. Personally I don’t approve these comments on my blog as my blog is not a place of promotion, of course if you are commenting about the post and leave your web address on the comment, I will 100% check it out and I love doing that, but when there is no interaction and the person is just looking for promotion, I really don’t like it.


Not Interacting

Sticking with the comments theme, I really don’t like when bloggers don’t take the time to reply to comments on their blogs. If someone takes time out of their day to check out your blog and be nice enough to leave a comment, you should reply to it as much as possible, it is just decent curtsy. I have commented on peoples posts and have never received a response, even when I have asked a question in my comment. If you really love your blog and are proud of your work, please take the time out to comment back to anyone who has been nice enough to comment.


Spam Likes

This not make sense but hopefully I can explain it well. I love when people like my posts, it means so much to me as it gives me an indication that you all like it, so I know that I should do more like that in the future. What I don’t particularly like is when people spam like. This is when someone goes onto your blog and likes every post for the past few months, without actually clicking in and reading what the post is about. I get this quite often where I get notifications that someone has liked 30 posts all in the same minute, which indicates they haven’t read into any of them at all. It doesn’t happen all that often as most of you are lovely and read my posts and interact, which means so much! <3


So there are some of my pet peeves about blogging, let me know in the comments if you have any pet peeves and what they are and if you agree with some of mine! I have a bit of extra time in work this week so I will have more than three posts up this week, so stay tuned for those! Be sure to check out my health series every Thursday too! See you in my next post.

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