My Story With Migraines…

Hello Everyone,

So todays post is a little different, I wanted to chat to you all about migraines in this post. I don’t know if a lot of you guys suffer with them but I hope that you don’t as I wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst enemy. I thought today that I would share my story and what I have gone through with migraines and how at some points it really effects my life.

I can’t remember an exact time of when they started but I do remember that it was my early teens, so around 14 or 15. I remember complaining about them to my parents when I used to get them once a month but they were never to the extent that I would be bed ridden, like I always am now. I went to the doctors a lot complaining of migraines but they never took me seriously. It wasn’t until I turned 18 or 19 that they started to get really frequent and extremely painful. When I was 18 up until last year, when I was 20 I would get a headache twice a week and a migraine once a week. There was not a week in my life where I wasn’t in pain so I decided to go back to the doctors to see what they could do.


For those of you that don’t suffer from migraines, there’s no real way for me to describe the pain or how intense it can get. To most people they think that a migraine is just a more painful headache but its not. In my case, there is no cause for it, nothing that triggers it, I just get them, so my doctors tell me anyway. Over the years they have gotten worse and worse, I am now at the point that if I get one, I can’t move without vomiting or nearly fainting from the pain, so whenever I have one, I have to lie in bed in a dark room with a wet face cloth on my head. Migraines stop your life, they stop you from doing things you have planned, they stop you from going to work, when the pain is so strong you can’t move. If you haven’t suffered you might not be able to understand but trust me when I say that I would’t wish this pain on my worst enemy!

As for medication, I have been put on many different types over the years but nothing has worked, I’ve been on anti inflammitories, pain killers, really strong pain killers, but nothing even comes close to even helping with the pain, never mind getting rid of the pain. So I decided 3 weeks ago that I was done with going to the doctors just for them to tell me that there is no cure and that they can’t help. I’ve decided to take it into my own hands, as for the last year at least, I have not gone a week without taking some sort of painkiller, and that is not healthy for any human being.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been taking magnesium supplements daily and using a magnesium spray on my head whenever I feel a bit of tension. The magnesium spray is not only good for head tension, but any tension in the body as it relaxes muscles and stops them from tightening and causing pain. I will leave a link to it here, if anyone wants to find out more about it. I am also after cutting down on my caffeine just to see if that has any effect. So far I have not had a migraine in 9 days, which may not seem like a lot but its the longest time I’ve gone without a migraine in years so I am praying they will stay away. I will keep you all updated with how this goes and if it keeps working for me, in a future post. 🙂

For anyone out there that is suffering, I thought I would suggest some things that have helped me to deal with the pain, not get rid of it completely but to make it more bearable and I really hope they help some of you!

Wet Face Cloth: This helps me a lot, a cold wet face cloth on the areas of the pain, helps to numb it a bit, it won’t get rid of the pain completely but it will help to ease it a bit.

Dark Room: You may not think this will help but it is a life saviour when it comes to migraines, my migraines also affect my eyes, to were I sometimes can’t see clearly so it puts even more strain on the muscles in that area, my eye sight is 20/20, I’ve been to opticians but when it comes to migraines, my eyes get aura which causes them to go fussy so a dark room is a must!

Keep your hair down: This may seem like nothing to people but whenever I have a migraine, I have to have my hair down as anything that includes my hair being tied up or tight, makes me migraine worse and the pain even more sharp, so take your hair down and try and massage your head a bit.

So they are some of the things that help me, I would love to find out if some of you have had the same problem and what you have done to cure them or what other tips you have to help the pain when you have them, please leave them in the comments! 🙂 Also I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on my thank you for 2,000 followers post as I got so much love and amazing comments from you all so thank you so much! <3 See you in my next post.

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