How to Destress..

Hello Everyone,

Since I’ve been trying to “cure” or help my own anxiety and migraines, I have found that stress plays a part in both situations. Although I would say I am a person that doesn’t stress a lot. I have come to the conclusion that I do, especially when I put in situations where I don’t feel comfortable. So over the last month I’ve been trying to figure out what causes me to subconsciously stress but then also how to stop it or how I can help myself to relax more. So today I thought I would show you some of the things that I find help me to destress and relax. I have also found that this has helped a bit with my migraines so I hope it helps some of you…


1.Take a hot shower/bath

Taking a shower helps me relax so much, I could stand in the shower for a good 15 minutes and although my parents hate this, it really does help me relax and feel more calm by the time I get out. Ideally I would say a bath is even more calming but my bath works from the emertion and I can’t have the time to wait for it to heat up. 🙂

2. Listen to relaxing music

One thing I’ve been doing recently is listening to relaxing music playlists on Youtube, I tend to do this when I feel anxious are stressed but I don’t like to do it often when I have a migraine as any sound tends to make my migraine worse, it does help to get my mind off of whatever it may be that is making me anxious/stressed, there are so many good ones on there.

3. Take a nap/ rest in a dark room

Taking a nap or resting in a dark room is my go to when it comes to keeping calm when I feel anxiety coming on, they are also great for when you have a migraine, nothing helps more than resting in a dark room with something cold to rest on your head.

4. Read a book or watch a TV show you like

Reading is so calming, especially if you find that you can get into the book to escape the stressful situations you may be feeling. If you are not a fan of reading, TV shows can have the same effect to help you calm and escape the stress.

5. Write it down

Having a blog is one thing that helps me to destress as I like to write when I feel stressed are anxious, a lot of my posts here are about personal experience where I give tips and advice, they are my favourite posts to write in those situations but of course not only writing in a blog helps. Having a diary that you can write in may help a lot to get it all off of your shoulders and onto the paper.

6. Get Some Fresh Air

This can help a lot as a stuffy room can cause people to feel down or anxious so getting out and going for a walk or a run can really help to clear your mind and also help to calm yourself down. Going for walks and seeing the countryside is one thing that I love and always helps to make me appreciate the life God has given me. 🙂

So they are some tips that I like to use when I feel I need to destress, so definitely give them a go and see how they work for you if you are struggling with stress. If you have any other ways to deal with stress, definitely leave them in the comments below for other people to read and help them. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,