My Piercings- Experience & Pain

Hello Everyone,

So todays post is a little different than my usual posts but I thought it would be a good one to do as a lot of people tend to ask about piercings and how painful they are. Although I don’t have a huge amount of piercings, I thought I would share the few that I do have.Untitled design

So currently I have four piercings in my left ear and two in my right. I have my lobe done twice on each ear and on my left I have my cartage and tragus pierced. I do plan on getting one or two more on my left ear but other than that I think I am finished with getting piercings.63aafda90b1055c06f04d78f0d3abdd2--cartilage-earrings-piercing-ear

Lobe Piercing

The first piercing that I ever had done was my lobe on both ears. I had this first done when I was 10/11 but it got infected and closed up. I then had to get it done again when I was 12 but again my ears rejected them and they closed up. I then had to get it done two more times and on the fourth go, they healed well and are still here today and not causing any trouble. I did find out that there were certain metals that didn’t agree with me and that I can’t wear without my ears getting really sore, so I do have to stick to real silver/gold with my first lob piercing.

Pain: The pain wasn’t anything bad. It was pretty much like a pinch in each ear and they were finished. The only thing I noticed was that my ears felt really hot for a half an hour or so afterwards but there was no pain there at all.  2/10

Healing: Cleaning them is very simple compared to other piercings, and they heal a lot quicker than some of the other piercings that I have so if you have never had a piercing before the lobs would definitely be the one to get done as they are not painful at all.

Tragus Piercing

The second piercing I had done is one I don’t have anymore. When I was 15, I really wanted to get my tragus pierced and decided to get it done in my right ear. I went to a place in town that pierces due to my friends recommendations but there was one thing I didn’t like about this man. Like anyone before they get something done, I did my research and found out that getting your tragus pierced with a gun is a no go. The minute I seen him pull out a gun I remember saying that he should do it with a needle as it could shatter my cartilage. But of course he didn’t listen to me and went on to do it anyway. Once he had pressed the gun to my ear and pierced it, I remember him cursing under his breath as if something had gone wrong. As you probably guessed I don’t have this piercing anymore due to the fact that he put it in side wards so once I took the piercing out, I could never get one in again.

So last year I decided to get it pierced again but on my left ear and made sure to go to somewhere that I knew would do it right. So I headed to a tattoo parlor to get it pierced. I would definitely recommend a tattoo parlor for any piercing that requires a needle to be pierced.

Pain: The pain of this piercing is a little bit sharper than the lobe piercing but it isn’t painful at all. As it is cartilage, it is a little thicker than the lobe so it is natural for it to be a bit more painful. It was definitely more painful getting it done with a needle than a gun but again that is only natural as it takes a little longer by the time the needle comes out and they put the piercing in but overall it wasn’t really sore at all. 4/10

Healing: Again because it is cartilage, it will take longer to heal than a lobe piercing. The say it takes 4-6 weeks to heal and I found that mine was completely healed by the 4th week. I cleaned it twice a day for 4 weeks and then left it alone as it was completely healed. I didn’t find it sore at all to sleep on even when it had been freshly pierced, which I was really surprised with.

Cartilage Piercing

I got my cartilage piercing done when I had passed my exams in second year of college. It was a pretty spontaneous thing. My friends and I were driving around and one of us came up with the idea of getting piercings and everyone was down for it! I decided on my cartilage, as it was one that I wanted but just never got around to getting. So I was so excited to get it done. We went to a tattoo parlor that one of my friends is familiar with and had gotten piercings from them before so she knew they were good.

Pain: I was honestly expecting this to be more painful than it was as it basically feels like a bone due to its thickness but it didn’t hurt at all! 3/10

Healing: Again because it was cartilage I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks to heal but I found that mine was fully healed within 3 weeks. It’s important to clean this piercing a lot as it has the tendency to collect a lot of dead skin, which sounds disgusting I know haha, Once you clean it twice a day, you will be fine! I did find that I couldn’t lie on it for the first week or so but after that it was fine.

My second lobe piercing was pretty much the same as my first so I didn’t mention that again. So they are all the piercings I have for now, I hope you all liked this post and I hope it helped anyone who is thinking of going to get them done. Let me know in the comments what piercings you have and which one hurt the most. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,