Driving Lessons- Experience and Tips No.1

Hello Everyone,

I have seen posts like this going around every now and again and thought they were a great idea for anyone that is thinking of starting their driving lessons but just hasn’t taken the plunge yet. Personally it took me a lot longer than it should have to start them but last month, I finally decided it was time to get them over and done with.

When I was 18, I was adamant that I would have them all finished by the time I was 19, I wanted to have my full licence and everything. Sadly, a lot of other things became priority and then affording them became the main issue. Starting college at 18 and living away from home was expensive and since I didn’t have a job at the time, it was impossible for me to be able to afford all of the lessons. Then going out and going on holiday was more important to me at 19/20 so I put the driving lessons on the long finger. So that brings us to today, where I have finally started my driving lessons and am nearly half way through them. I currently have 5 lessons completed so I still have 7 left to do but I thought I would share my tips and experience that I have learnt so far since it is fresh in my brain.


Before Lesson #1

To say I was a little nervous is an understatement. I don’t do well with new experiences, in the sense that I get very nervous and anxious. But I was also super excited to finally start them so it was a bit of a whirlwind of emotions. Before my first lesson I had never really been in the drivers seat of a car bar once when I was 18 with my parents driving around our house, but never more than that. I wasn’t nervous of doing anything wrong as I knew the instructor would have complete control of the car and would be there whenever I needed him, and I think that’s what helped me stay calm and a bit more collected.

Lesson #1

Once I met my instructor and sat in the front seat of the car I became a lot more calm than I was before hand. When you sit in the car you are immediately thrown into the deep end and began to drive straight away. Considering I had no experience, we were both actually very surprised with how well I drove. It all seemed to come quite naturally. Now obviously I was by no way a professional or anyway near as good as I need to be to pass my test but I was on the way and that really helped me feel positive about it all!

Up to Lesson #5

Each week driving with my instructor has become easier and easier, I feel like I’m finally in control of the car when I’m driving it and my instructor can just sit back and chat to me, with the confidence that I’m okay on my own. I still have a good way to go with 7 lessons left but I feel confident getting into the car now.


I probably should have mentioned above that I don’t have my own car so the only experience I get is that one hour a week with my instructor. Just thought I’d let you know in case you thought I was getting lots of experience, I’m not. I am thinking of buying a car in the near future but I can’t make up my mind to whether I should wait until I have done a lot more lessons.

Tip #1

Don’t put it on the long finger! Obviously if money is the reason you can’t do it then that can’t be helped but if it’s just down to the fact that you are putting it off for no reason like I was, definitely do it! The quicker you do it the quicker it will all be over and you will have the independence you have always wanted.

Tip #2

Don’t get angry if you do something wrong. It’s completely natural to do lots wrong when you first start driving, you’re not going to immediately know when the right time is to change gears by just sitting in the car. It takes time to feel that and learn that. I always find that its when you make mistakes that you really learn so don’t worry if you mess up. 🙂

Tip #3

Try and relax and take your time, when I first started doing my lessons, I remember trying to do everything as quick as I could but honestly taking your time and slowly changing gears is what works best when you’re driving, keep a level head, take your time and you will be fine!

So that’s it for todays post! I hope you guys liked it even though it was a bit different. I will be doing another one if you all like this one, when I finish all 12 lessons, don’t forget to let me know about your experiences and any tips you have for people starting out. See you in my next post.

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