Autumn Haul

Hello Everyone,

It feels like forever since I posted a haul on my blog but recently I’ve picked up a few things for the Autumn weather and I thought I would share them with you! I am currently on a little bit of a spending ban for the foreseeable future as I’ve been spending a lot recently!

A lot of the things that I picked up where just from New Look and Penney’s. They are my go to shops in town whenever I feel like having a browse, a lot of the things that are in this haul, are a result of me going in for a browse and coming out with lots of stuff. I am not usually one for buying things unplanned but I decided to treat myself as I’ve been working a lot recently. So lets start off with New Look.

I was lacking on the jumpers front for quite some time now. I spend my mornings getting ready for work, trying to figure out what to wear but finding that all my clothes are too Summer appropriate and too light to keep me warm now that it has started to get colder.

I bought four of the same style of jumpers  but only two are for myself as I bought two for my mum as well as she liked them. The pink and orange jumpers I bought for myself and I will admit, on the models they don’t look very well as they are not styled at all but when you style them well they are so flattering on! The way I prefer to style them is to wear them with mom jeans and a thick black belt. With the jumper itself I would bring the material in at one corner and tie it. This makes it more fitted but also helps to style the piece more. If I don’t knot the jumper, I simply tuck it in, leaving a bit of the material loose over the top so that it hangs over the hem of the jeans. The jumpers where €12.99 each which is really a bargain as they are really good quality. I might write a post soon about how I style jumpers, if you guys would be interested in it. 🙂








From Penney’s I picked up two pairs of boots. I have been meaning to pick up a flat pair of boots for quite a while now as the ones I wear to work regularly have become a bit worse for wear. I spotted these Chelsea boots for €10 and couldn’t resist in buying them.


I also spotted these boots while I was trying to find some shoes that would be comfy enough for a night out. and I am loving them! I have recently worn them on two nights out in the past few weeks and they didn’t hurt me at all by the end of the night. I would say they are probably 5 inches so if you are not a fan of heels that high then they won’t be for you but other than that they are perfect, super comfy and as they have a chunky heel, they are really easy to walk in! They also only cost €18 which is a bargain for boots like these. They don’t look to high in the picture but they definitely are in real life. 🙂


I’m sure there is more that I have picked up but I can’t seem to remember, but ull do another post when I can think of them.😊  let me know what you think in the comments. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,