How to Better Your Blogging Photography

Hello Everyone,

Blog photography is such an important thing when blogging, its not the be all and end all but it is so important if you want your blog to make an impact! When I first started my blog I didn’t really pay much attention to my photography, I just took the photo and placed it on the post. There wasn’t much editing that went on. When you realise how much of a difference editing makes, then you will never go back to not editing them.

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Taking the time to find props such as flowers can make such a difference to a picture as it can make it all come together. Having the product on its own in a picture doesn’t tend to appeal to a lot of people as it doesn’t catch the attention.


Lighting is so important. You don’t have to be in the most lit area ever but having some sort of light, even sunshine can make the biggest difference and can make editing a lot easier. Lighting can make the biggest difference to a photo. Try and stay away from artificial lighting, or any sort of lighting that is of a yellow tone, as they tend to decrease the quality of the photos and can change the colours of the photo and the products in it.


Editing can be the make or break for pictures. There are a lot of ways to edit your pictures but the most common that people use is the editing tools that they offer on Instagram, they tend to be my go to for when I want to quickly edit my pictures but they tend to do a very good job when you learn how to use the tools to edit them. Some people like to use Adobe Photoshop to edit their pictures but I feel that takes too long as there are a lot of details in Photoshop, I always find it hard to stop editing them! haha

Camera Quality

This isn’t particularly a tip to help camera quality but it is just a little reminder that you don’t need to invest in an expensive camera to take good quality content, all you need to do is utilise what you have got. I used my phone for majority of my instagram and blog photos and have received so many comments on them, so definitely don’t go out spending hundreds on a camera for no reason.

So that’s e



27 thoughts on “How to Better Your Blogging Photography”

  1. Thanks so much for these tips! I struggle always getting a half decent photo for a blog post constantly as I’m just not that gifted photography wise. Hopefully utilizing tips like these I’ll get better! ❤

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  2. Thanks for the great info. I really haven’t edited any of my photos but I’m sure in some cases it would help; I’m not the best with technology. 🙋🐦

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  3. These tips are perfect, I have been trying to find some good blogging props for a while now, have you got any places in mind?
    Whitagram is a good phone app for people editing pictures on their phone☺️

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      1. Okay, I will take a look next time I am there then. Thankyou for the help! I managed to take a look in Primark a while back and just couldn’t find anything xo

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  4. Thank you, all of these tips are extremely helpful. I also, love using instagram most to edit my photos. As you said Photoshop is great but, once you get into it, it can take quiet a bit of time with all the amazing features.

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