Growing Your Instagram..

Hello Everyone,

Having an instagram used to be all fun and games, it used to be something that people done for leisure just to show what they have been up to but those days are gone. Sometimes I just miss being able to put up an instagram picture with a couple of hashtags and then see everyone like and comment on it, its never like that nowadays.. I also miss seeing things in order so that I am not seeing things from a week ago on my feed but don’t even get me started on that, I think we could all go on about that forever, hopefully one day they will  put us all out of our misery and change it but until then we will continue on. I’ve always wondered though, why we all haven’t given up on it, I feel that if it was any other platform people would have given up on it and moved on but there’s something about instagram that is keeping us all on it even when there is a lot we don’t like about it.

So that’s why I’m making this post. A lot of us struggle with growing our instagram acocunts due to the algorithms and how they seem to be there to stop the smaller accounts from growing! So hopefully some of these tips will help your account to grow.


Instagram Pods

There was something going around on instagram about them blocking peoples accounts when they were in pods but it never happened to me so I can’t say whether it was a rumor or the truth, personally I think they are a great idea. If you are still scared about the fact of the bannings but still want to be part of a pod, there are a lot of bloggers, including myself that have pods in the app Telegram. It works pretty much the same way as the instagram pods, its just safer if you are worried about it. 🙂


Posting Often

Like all social media accounts and even your blog posting often is one of the most important things to do. There is no point in having an Instagram for your blog that your not going to post on that often. People won’t find your posts as often which will then bring down your interaction, so posting often is so important! Try and at least post once a day to help gain interaction.

Follow Trains

I haven’t really taken advantage of follow trains but basically they are when someone posts on Twitter that they are doing a follow train for instagram, to join the train you leave your link to your Instagram, and retweet the tweet. Once you leave your link you must follow everyone who has left their links, that way its fair and everyone gains genuine followers! It’s great for anyone starting out especially.

Keep a Theme


This is a bit hit or miss as a tip as some people hate when people have themes on their instagram. Basically what a theme is, is that all your pictures have something in common, as you can see from the picture of my instagram above is that my theme is pastels, I am loving how my feed has come together recently and it makes it so much nicer to upload and see all the pictures complement each other.

So they are all the tips I can think of at the minute but if you have anymore for anyone reading, please leave them in the comments to help others out! See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,