My Story With Migraines… An Update

Hello Everyone,

You might remember a few weeks or even months ago that I published a blog post about my experience with migraines and how they’ve affected my life. Thank you all so much for the responses I received from that post, it was honestly overwhelming! It was so nice to see that other people know what it feels like and to gain some more tips and insights into how other people deal with it. I received some amazing tips from you all and as promised, I said I would update you all on some of the methods I was trying to ease the pain as much as I could. So as mentioned in the previous post, I am getting migraines just as often, usually once a week. There are weeks where I get more, maybe one migraine and two headaches in one week but usually it is just the one a week, thankfully!


I was telling you all that I was trying out magnesium tablets to see if they would keep the migraines away, I was hoping that this post would have been a positive one telling you all that they did work but unfortunately they didn’t, they didn’t make any difference whatsoever, it was so disappointing! I had my hopes that finally I might have been rid of the pain but unfortunately that wasn’t the cause of them. I was taking around 500mg of magnesium each day after a meal for a month but unfortunately it didn’t make a difference at all. The doctors told me it would take a week for me to notice the difference and after a month of trying them with no change, I decided it was time to rule out the fact that my migraines where not due to a deficiency in magnesium.

Now I am currently trying to eat really healthy as on the average day I don’t tend to get more than one of my veg and fruit so I really need to work on that, I’m currently trying to get as many in my diet as often as I can, I’m not the best at doing this as I find it hard to find vegetables that I actually enjoy to eat so at the moment I am trying to get at least 2 of my fruit and veg in a day and I will work from there. I will leave the link to the first post I posted about migraines, if you want to find out more about it and see if any of the tips that were shared on that post help you as a lot of lovely people left the tips that had helped them with the pain. Read more about the first post here.

Let me know if there is anything that you have tried that has helped with your migraines, I think like a lot of people I don’t want to be on medication every time I have a migraine as it’s so bad for your organs to be taking medication every week. So if anyone has any tips that have helped them, it would be greatly appreciated and may also help some others out! See you in my next post!

Thank you for reading,