Gift Guide For The Men In Your Life

My second gift guide of the year! I know that buying presents for men is the one I really struggle with, women tend to be a lot easier as you have an idea, whether it be makeup, skin care, clothes, shoes, handbags, there’s nearly always a guarantee that you will find something that they will appreciate. Men on the other hand can be so difficult, not only because it seems like they already have everything can you think of but also as you might not share the same interests, so it’s hard to even know where to start…

This is were I will hopefully help you all, hopefully… I still find it hard to buy for the men in my life, even though there are only two of them (my dad and my boyfriend) I still struggle to think of different things that each of them will like. I decided I’m going to split this into two part, ideas of presents for fathers and fathers in law and then for the younger men in your life, whether that be a brother or a partner. The presents might cross over a bit because lets face it, men never grow up and if he will like it in his 20’s, he’ll probably still like it in is 50’s haha. But I hope this helps nonetheless, lets start out with the older men in our lives.

This isn’t a present that my dad would particularly like but I know that a lot of men do love to read, a lot of the best books even tend to go on sale around this time of the year. It all depends on what the person likes, whether it be crime, thriller, historical, sports, or even food and drink books, if that’s what they are into. If they like to read you’ll be able to find something for them.pile-of-books_0

This may not be one that younger men appreciate but I have found that the older the man the more they seem to appreciate it. Men never tend to buy clothes for themselves and if they do, let’s be honest, it doesn’t tend to be that nice. So to make sure they stay wearing clothes that suit them, you’re best off doing it yourself. My mum always tends to get my dad some clothes as part of his present and he appreciates it, definitely something to think about!


If you are wanting to spend a little bit more watches are always a great gift! A lot of men don’t tend to like jewelry in the form of necklaces/bracelets but watches are something that a lot of men wear! They can be quite pricey but you can also get them a bit cheaper if you look on the right sites.

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Gadgets, men love gadget, always have and I think they always will! There are so many different types of gadgets for men out there it be things like a drone, which can be very expensive, they usually range from about 100, if you are looking for a good one then I wouldn’t go for the cheaper ones. One of my favourite gadgets are the VR headsets. Again these can be quite expensive but they will get the use out of them. The Samsung VR headset is one of the cheapest that I’ve seen that is still good quality. But I know one of the best ones is the Playstation VR headset as it can be used on all the ps4 games to make them come to life and what man wouldn’t love that! Again they are very expensive so you would have to have a big budget for them.


If you are looking for gadgets that are a little bit on the more affordable size, there are still a lot to choose from. A lot of men love coffee and coffee machines always go on sale at this time of year so its a great time to pick one up!

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Accessories are always a good one too, wallets, cuff links, ties, shoes or alcohol is even a good one if its done right. There are a lot of different things that come to mind when I actually sit down and think about it. So now on to the younger men, like I said earlier, a lot of the products could mix across.

Games, what young man doesn’t love a new PS4/Xbox game to add to his collection, I know that whenever my boyfriend sees a new game he is interested in, it is always on his mind so getting it before he actually gets it for himself can be difficult sometimes but it can be done.


Cologne/aftershave is always a good present to give a man. Like women they are forever running out of aftershave so making sure they are stocked up with scents you both love is always nice! There are so many nice ones out there but the only real way to see which one you like is to test the scent out and see what you think.

One of my favourite presents is a ticket to a sports game or a gig. Myself and my boyfriend don’t have the same taste in sport or music for that matter but there are certain bands that we both really enjoy, so its a great way for you to have a day out and make more of a day out of the present. Tickets to see a comedians is also a great ticket to get someone as who doesn’t like to laugh and have fun. Even then if you want to splurge a bit more, you could go for a weekend away or a midweek break, whether that be in your own country or abroad!

So that is everything in this blog post. It was a bit of a long one but I hope you all enjoyed it and found it useful for going shopping this Christmas. Let me know in the comments what other things you would suggest for the men in your lives? See you in my next post!

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