Where will the future take me?

Hello Everyone,

Some of you may know that I’m currently in my last year in college and am graduating next Summer. One thing everyone keeps telling me, is to think about the future and how I plan on taking my career once I graduate…

where will my life take me.png

Honestly, I’m nervous, I think it’s quite a common feeling when going into the unknown and doing something so different. I talk about it with my friends a lot and it seems that we are all in the same boat… I’m 21, a lot of you may say that by this age I should know a lot about where I want my life to go and I do to an extent. I know what industry I want my career to be in, I know that I want to work with web design/development but what I’m struggling with is figuring out how I get there. Going to college for 4 years like I have, doesn’t mean you will come out of it knowing everything about the course! Don’t get me wrong I have learnt a lot in my 3 and 1/2 years but I’m not at the level to be able to jump into a job and feel qualified enough to do the tasks they ask?

I have loved every bit of college, the ups and the downs, its all made for a great experience and one that I’m so glad that I took when I got the chance. I wouldn’t have known what I wanted to do or that I would be good at web design if it wasn’t for this course. But I feel like I’m not ready to finish learning.. I don’t know if this is a common feeling for 21 year olds just finishing college but its how I’m currently feeling. I do have one semester left of college after Christmas and I’m hoping in that 16 week period that I will figure out what I want to do next as at the minute my mind is a bit all over the place with possibilities.

It’s not that I want to continue on with college and keep the party going because I don’t really want that, but at the minute I feel like I’m in a place that is ready to leave college but that doesn’t feel good enough for the environment of the fast paced full time job life. I’m hoping that in the coming months, I’ll figure it out but at the minute, it’s just been something I’ve been thinking about…

I don’t really know the purpose of this post, other than to inform you all on my thought and to see if anyone is on the same page or if anyone has felt this way in the past. Part of me is ready to take the leap and go into a full time job but part of me knows I can’t afford to move out and there are no opportunities to have a career where I currently live. Who knows where the future will take me, and I completely get that we are not supposed to know, so for now, I’m just going to enjoy my last few months in college, and we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds!

I hope you guys liked this post, even though it was a bit of a rambling one. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are at the minute and if you feel anything similar. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,