Blogging: The Good and The Bad

Now personally I don’t think that there are a lot of bad things that come from blogging but of course with anything there are some. There are a lot of people blogging at the minute but there are also lots of you who have just started or that are yet to take the plunge. So I thought it would be interesting to share with you all what I have found since I started posting nearly a year ago.


There are a lot of good things that come to mind when I think of blogging, the biggest thing being all the lovely people that make the experience a lot more pleasant than it could be. Anyone who follows, likes or comments on my blog makes the biggest difference and makes all the time that I put into my blog so worth it! To think that I have gained 3,000 followers this year is just crazy and it’s all down to you guys! You somehow find my blog interesting enough to follow and it honestly amazes me!

Other bloggers also make this experience and journey even better. There is such a nice online community of bloggers that are there for each other and help each other no matter what the issue is. I love that that community is there and if there’s a question someone has the answer and is willing to help. If you are new to blogging definitely make a Twitter account, as it’s on there that I really discovered how great the blogging community really is.

The more you write, the more you start to learn about yourself. That might sound strange but when you are writing you learn how different you are from others, what’s unique about you starts to come out the more you write and figure out your style of writing, since starting my blog last December, I can see such a huge difference in how I write now to how I wrote back then.

Not only that but writing about topics you are passionate about can really help you mentally. I love writing posts that actually mean something to me and not only about makeup and fashion, I love seeing all of your responses and chatting to you all in the comments about it all is always amazing to see someone understands or has gone through something similar.

It really lets your creative side come out. Blogging isn’t as simple as a lot of people may think, it takes a lot of time to think of the ideas for blog posts, then to write them, edit them, take the photography and edit the photography, and then to finally post your content. A lot more goes into it than a lot of people think. I think you will either hate it or love it. Personally I love the experience of creating new content and seeing the reactions to it. It helps keep my creative side awake to always be thinking of new ideas and new ways to approach things. I might do a post soon about creativity and keeping it alive if you would be interested in hearing my thoughts on it?

Working with brands is probably the one good thing you were thinking I would include, and honestly I wasn’t going to (hence why its the last one). Personally yes I have worked with brands in the past but not recently as I have found that there is no point sometimes unless the opportunity is worth while. I have worked with brands such as Adore Me but feel that unless you have a really big following, they won’t offer you what they should. I wrote a post for them that they said they would share on social media, at the time that’s all I wanted as I didn’t have even half the following I have now. But looking back on it, its bad of brands to offer nothing but exposure for you putting so much time and effort into posts for them. This could also go on the bad side as some brands don’t hold up their part of the deal which is what I have found. The exposure that is promised you don’t even get half the time as the companies don’t even tend to mention your posts on their social media, so if you are starting blogging just to work with brands don’t! It won’t be worth it as a lot of brands won’t touch bloggers who don’t have a big following.


Here are the not so positives. Most of the time I don’t tend to talk about negative subjects but lets be honest, sometimes it has to be addressed and if you are someone new to blogging or thinking of blogging, you have to know that it’s not all happy and pleasant all the time.

Spam has to be on the bad list here haha, one thing I can’t stand are spam comments on my blog. I never understand why people will comment something that doesn’t relate to the blog post or the fact that people just go around pasting links to their site on peoples posts. Also like spamming people is also very annoying, I don’t know how people think we won’t notice. If you like 20 of my posts in less than a minute, you obviously aren’t reading a thing, which means I won’t check out your blog if you are just spamming everyone to get attention, it’s not nice when people work hard on their posts.

Although I spoke about the blogger community above and how good it is, it can also have its bad times, like most things, everyone isn’t always happy and sometimes things can get out of hand. Twitter can be a negative place sometimes especially when people don’t have the same views or someone does something not so morally right, people can sometimes go a bit far. Personally I’ve never been part of this drama but it does happen quite often in the blogging community on Twitter.

As mentioned above, brands can be a bad thing sometimes, being a small blogger you think it’s great to get that email from such a brand wanting to work with you, but sometimes it’s not always as good as it seems. They tend to want to take advantage of you, it’s one thing I’ve been keeping an eye on recently.

So that’s it for todays post. I hope you all liked it and that it gave you a bit of an insight into my thoughts and experiences blogging. Let me know in the comments some of your thoughts and experiences. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,