One Year Of Blogging: What I’ve learned..

To think its been a year since I started blogging on this blog is crazy. Its been a time of lots of ups and downs but I’ve learned so much in the last year, both about myself but also about blogging and how it works.


Just be yourself

One of the biggest things I learned through blogging within the past year is that you do the best job when you are simply being yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in writing posts simply because they are popular and not because you actually want to write posts on the topic. If you’ve been following my posts for a while you might have noticed that I was talking about my loss of love for makeup and how it doesn’t interest me as much as it did to write all my posts about it. I found that I was writing them for others and not for myself so lately so that’s why for the last while and for the future my posts, will be based on life and fashion. People grow, and as we do we change, its just a natural process so don’t be afraid of it.

Take time away and Log off

It’s so easy to get caught up in social media and blogging that you forget to just log off and live your life. One of the worst things I’ve seen people do is letting things that are said by people online effect them. One thing I’ve learned when blogging is that what someone says online means nothing to your life. Logging off and getting away everyday for a certain period of time does wonders and stops the stress of the virtual world from climbing up on top of you. So take time to yourself and live your life.

Running a blog is not easy or free

It’s a misconception a lot of people who don’t blog have. Lets start with costs. This blog is my little corner of the internet, that means that I own it and with most things you own, you have to pay for them, and its the same with the internet. Every year I pay to have my blog up and running but also pay for the name of my blog and the design. Then there’s the photography, we as bloggers must pay for equipment and a camera and to take it a step further a lot of bloggers pay for professional photographers to take shots that we can’t take on our own. I also have to edit those pictures so I have to pay for an adobe subscription every month. Those reasons above are why I really can’t stand when people say bloggers are just in it for the free stuff as that’s definitely not the case. A lot of us don’t even make money from blogging. Although I’m aware its my choice to pay for those things, its time people understood its not all fun and games.

As for it being easy, it’s definitely not, I never thought it would take half as much work as it does to run a blog, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change it for the world but it’s far from easy. I’m just going to list everything that goes into running a blog just so you can get a feel for what I mean, so yeah here we go…

We write emails daily, read and reply to emails, flagging emails and filing them into where they need to be, unsubscribing to email lists you’ve been added to without consent, if you’re working with brands you need to create invoices, send invoices, chase invoices, chase and chase again as some people are just impossible haha, calculating fees and then negotiating the fees you have just calculated, getting frustrated when someone only wants to pay a certain amount of the fees, reading contracts, redoing contracts to make changes and then signing contracts. Scheduling is a big thing so making sure tweets and instagram posts are scheduled and ready to go is so important, once they are published then you must reply to all the comments, share you’re blogs URL to get your blog out there, then style all your posts for both your blog and instagram, take said photos and edit the photos only then to try and get them ready to post and of course then you have to take the time to actually write and edit the blog posts to publish so many times a week…. Easy?? I wouldn’t quite say that, would you? haha

Don’t compare someones success to yours

Something that’s so easy to do is to compare yourself to others and its never a good idea. Your story is never going to be the same as someone elses, everyone is different and that means that people will find success in different areas of their lives. Don’t think that just because someone’s instagram portrays them as a put together person that they are, a lot of times it couldn’t be further from the reality. One thing we all need to remember is that social media is not a reality and therefore we can’t compare our real lives to it. We will be only set up for disappointment if we do, and that’s no way to live. So just live your life.

Write for you and not for others

I was caught with this recently and I wrote a few posts about the experience. It is so easy to focus too much on what others are doing and what others think that you forget why you started the blog and why you loved to write. I love to write about things I’m passionate about and that’s why for the last while I have just been writing about things I enjoy and want to talk to you guys about. It makes the biggest difference to your writing.

Know that you’re worth it

It’s one thing that every writer goes through, no matter what kind of writing you do. Contemplating whether you are good enough or if you will fit in with your style and how you approach things. You need to stop. That’s all I can really say, there’s nothing else that needs to be said… We all need to stop, you and everyone else has the write to write what they like, there is no such thing as fitting in, everyone is different and just because you are not the same as others you may look at, doesn’t mean that’s bad, in fact I think it means the complete opposite, seeing people do things different than everyone who sticks to the norm of the mainstreams, it exactly what I would look for. So do you, people love it!

Success doesn’t to any of us over night

Now I wouldn’t consider myself, not at all but what success I have achieved, I have worked hard for. What I realised in the past year when writing this blog is that people don’t see it when you first start writing, it takes consistent work to get to a level where people see your posts when they are posted, not only that though, when you work hard enough to get to the level where people come back on their own accord is when you know people actually like what they are reading from you.  Work hard and you will get where you need to be, but it can never be forced.

Keep writing and putting up content you are proud of and enjoyed writing and you are halfway there, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to blogging but these are some of the things that I learned in the past year. I hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what you thought. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,