A Week In Belfast


Traveling is something I love to do but can you really fall in love with a city after only seeing it for a week? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I arrived back home from Belfast. It was the first week long trip that myself and my boyfriend had been on since we started dating two years ago. My mum said it would be the make or break of us, since we would have to spend every waking minute with each other for seven days. I’m happy to report back though, that it all went very smoothly and I think I can say we would be able to live happily together if we ever did move in with each other… Anyway back to the topic…

Belfast City Centre

I never seen myself moving outside of the Republic when I was growing up or even in recent years when I’ve been trying to figure what I want when I graduate. To be honest there wasn’t a reason behind that bar I never thought about moving up north. It was always a place I wanted to visit, but I never thought of it as more than that. It wasn’t until I went to visit it and seen all the opportunities it gave my career once I graduate, that I thought, you know what, I can actually see myself living here. Maybe not for my whole life, but definitely for a few years when I’m starting my career.

I fell in love with the architecture of the city, the minute I arrived. I’ve always loved Edwardian/Victorian architecture so seeing it everywhere no matter where you drove as amazing! The red brick buildings are just a dream!

The one thing I noticed when staying there for a week was how lovely the people were! I think that’s what makes the experience even better, is when people are so nice and kind and polite. It means so much to me when I am visiting somewhere. It can change someone’s opinion about an area so quickly! And of course it just made me fall even more in love with the city.

The Food..

The food… Oh my gosh the food was unbelievable! No matter where we went and no matter what we were eating, breakfast, lunch or dinner, it was always above and beyond what I was expecting. Nothing was over expensive and even when I converted it back over to euros, I wasn’t losing any money as it turned out to cost pretty much the same which is even better.

As you can probably tell, I don’t have a bad thing to say about the city. I’ll go into more detail about the places to go and great places to eat in my Things to do in Belfast post which will be up at the end of the week so stay tuned for that!

Belfast City Hall

I want to write another post about Belfast and the things you can do there if you are visiting. There are so many things for tourists to do so definitely keep an eye out for that in the coming week. Let me know what your thoughts are on this post and if you’ve ever visited Belfast or live in that area, let me know what you think? See you in my next post!

Thank you for reading,