Things to do in Belfast

So here is my second and last post about Belfast. I mentioned in my previous post that I’d talk about the best things to do on a trip to Belfast. We were only there for five days, so I didn’t get to visit everywhere that the city has to offer. Of course I’ll tell you all about all the places I did visit, and also some others that I heard were really good.


Shopping was something that I really wanted to do in Belfast. I knew they had so many shops that aren’t readily available to me, where I live. I wasn’t expecting there to be as many shops though! No matter what you want you will definitely find it. They had all the clothes shops you could imagine! Topshop, River Island New Look, Pull & Bear, & Urban Outfiters just to name a few! It also helps that the streets are so pretty when you are shopping which is always a plus. 🙂

Titanic Museum

The first place my boyfriend and I visited on our trip, was the titanic museum. This was somewhere that I really wanted to visit. I think everyone has seen the movie and knows the story but to be there and see it from different peoples point of view was what I was really excited about. So to start off, the museum itself cost £14.50 per person for the tour. I didn’t think that was too expensive as the tour itself takes over an hour to complete and by the end I definitely thought it was money well spent.

The tour was very easy to follow, with each area moving smoothly into the next so you didn’t get lost along the way. There was no rush with the tour which I liked, as I hate tours that have a tour guide that rushes through everything just so they can get home! We could spend as long as we liked in each  area to learn about the people that built the ship and their stories. If you like history, the titanic is somewhere you should definitely visit. Even if you aren’t interested in history, its so interesting and I can’t recommend it enough!

Crumlin Gaol

It was raining so bad one of the days we were up there as there was a storm but we wanted to do something and not have to sit in the hotel room all day watching tv and just wasting the day.. so, we decided to visit Crumlin Road Gaol (jail).

Honestly, looking back I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a wet and windy day as you will get wet when walking in the underground tunnel and going from building to building but that is the only bad thing I have to say about the tour. This tour was different to the tour taken place in the titanic museum, as it was given by a tour guide that told you the story as you went along. I honestly really liked the fact that she was there telling the story along the way as she was so nice and sweet and allowed everyone to take their time looking around. The story was amazing and seeing the conditions that people had to live in in the jail was crazy! Children as young as seven were put into those jails for stealing something as small as an apple from an orchard. It was honestly so interesting, I’d definitely recommend it!

City Walls

Visiting all the city walls was something that I was so looking forward to doing. I had heard so much about them and wanted to see them for myself and hear the stories behind them. I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted as it was yet again raining that day! The rain did ease off though so I did end up getting one or two. If you don’t know a lot about Irish history or the troubles they had up in the North of Ireland. I think you would still find it just as interesting as if you did know a bit. It was so interesting to see the story of both sides.

We decided to do it in a black cab tour instead of just driving around ourselves. I would completely recommend for you to choose that option as well. We got the nicest man bringing us around, he even took some pictures for me along the way. He was telling the story from both sides and what not one sided at all! Honestly 100% recommend.

So they are all the places we visited when we had our visit to Belfast. Here are some of the places that I heard were really good but didn’t get the chance to visit…

  • Giants Causeway
  • Game of Thrown’s Tour
  • Belfast Zoo
  • The Big Fish
  • Parliment Buildings/Stormount/City Hall

They are some things that I’d like to do when I go up again and I definitely be popping up again, maybe not this year though 😛 I hope you found this post interesting, if there are any places that you liked definitely let me know in he comments as I’d love to discover even more. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,