Feeling Like Giving Up? Tips & Motivation To Create Healthy Habits…

It’s that time of year again where everyone is losing their motivation to go to the gym. The gyms begin to empty to the way they were at the end of the previous year, with maybe a few dedicated new faces still showing up. So why is it that, by the end of January, everyone loses all the motivation and determination they had. Well, there are a few reasons… The first is that a lot of people who are not used to exercising tend to look for quick fixes and lets be honest, you’re never going to find one. None of us are. They don’t exist, if you are wanting to lose weight and tone up healthily that is. The second is that people start to lose motivation when they look in the mirror and feel the exact same as they did before they started working out or eating healthy.

There are of course, ways to prevent these things from happening. Every year we all promise ourselves the same thing and end up giving up. By the time its June or July you are completely regretting giving up on you’re dream body. Not only that but you’re pretty much given up hope that you will do anything towards that body for the rest of the year. So off you go with your life telling yourself that next year is the year for finally getting it under control and getting the body you’ve always wanted..

If you are reading this and are on the verge of giving up or have already given up. I want to give you some tips. Some that have helped me in the past and some that I still use today. It’s time to get back on track and make 2018 the year we all keep to our goals.

stay motivated

Taking Pictures/Measurements

Taking measurements of your chest, waist, hips, arms, thighs is always a great idea. I am not the biggest fan of depending on the scales to determine how you are doing with your journey. There are many reasons for me feeling this way about weighing yourself on a scales, the biggest one is that as a woman or even a man, our bodies change daily! Our body retains more water one some days more than others and for that reason you could step on the scales after a very good week and see a gain, which then demotivates you, when in reality you most likely have lost fat, that just isn’t transferred onto the scales as you might be retaining more water that day. There are many reasons not to rely on the scales for your progress. But that is one of the ones I always think of to try and tell people not to get bogged down when they don’t see the figure they want on the scales.

Also taking pictures that act like a before picture, can come in so handy down the line, I would say that I would use this in addition to measuring, as it might take a while to see big results that would look different in pictures. So to keep yourself motivated weekly, I would say measurements are the way to go!

Having A Goal “Trousers”

I say trousers as that is the most common piece of clothing people use as their goal or target trousers. Having a piece of clothing that you want to fit in by a certain time or just a stepping stone as your first goal in your journey is something that helps a lot of people to keep motivated. Make sure to pick something that is maybe a size smaller than you are. Don’t go crazy buying something that’s a size 8 when you’re starting out at a size 16. It’s just not a good idea as you will get bugged down when you aren’t close after a month or two of trying on that piece of clothing.

Set Small Goals

Setting small goals is honestly one of the best things to do. I don’t mean just setting goals to lose a certain amount of  weight in a certain time frame. Setting goals like lifting a heavier weight in the gym by the end of the month. Running a longer distance by the end of the month, eating less chocolate, or cutting down on alcohol/caffeine. There are so many small goals that you can set and focus on other than weight. That way you are more likely to reach and tick off these goals and while you are ticking off these goals, they are also working towards you losing weight, so it’s a win win, without you obsessing over your weight.

Allow Yourself Treat Days

Having treat days and cheat meals is so important to keeping you focused on your health journey. Don’t deprive yourself of everything as you will find yourself giving up on the journey a lot quicker than if you allowed yourself one day to consume some foods you cut out of your diet. It’s important to take note though, you don’t want to over indulge and find that you’re counter acting all your hard work in one day. That is easier done than you can imagine. People who don’t change their diet when working out are the ones that tend to give up quickly. They’re not seeing any results and that’s down to the fact that their diet is counteracting all the hard work they are putting in in the gym. It’s perfectly okay to have a cheat meal or even a cheat day but it’s important to balance it out.

I hope some of those tips helped any of you out that are starting a healthy journey. Don’t be worried as it’s completely normal and happens to the best of us but I hope this post gives you some inspiration for getting that fitness spark back. If you have any other recommendations or tips for anyone definitely leave them below to help others out! See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,