My Topshop Online Finds

So as promised in a post a couple of weeks ago, here is the second addition to some of my favourite online finds this week. This week I focused on Topshop as I’ve seen them everywhere recently, so I wanted to share some bits with you. To be honest with you all though, Topshop isn’t a shop that I would go into often to have a browse. I really don’t know why that is as they have so many amazing pieces in there. I’m definitely going to have to invest in a few pieces the next time I go shopping. But for now, here are some of my favourites that I’ve seen online recently.


I am obsessed with pinafores recently so there will be a few in this post. The first one is a simple black button down pinafore. I love the way the dress is styled on the website as it adds such a nice pop of colour which is perfect for the Spring season. Find it here


It’s that time of year when those of us that usually have a completely black wardrobe, start to add some colour in. I love a good denim jacket and styling them is one of the easiest things in regards to styling fashion. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket. But it’s this dress that I am loving styling it with. I think it’s perfect for the Spring, as it’s not yet hot enough to wear the dress alone. Of course another idea would be to wear a fitted jumper underneath but I personally prefer the denim jacket look. Find it here.


I’m officially obsessed! I don’t own one pinafore at the minute but I will in the next few weeks after finding all of these! This denim one is amazing. The pink/red flower detailing adds such a nice pop of colour to the outfit which stops it from being flat and boring. I love it and you can find it here.

denim pinafore

It’s still quite cold here so having some extra material is always appreciated. I used to hate the colour pink but I have been really liking this blush pink recently! The high neck cut along with the long sleeves will keep you warm on these cold days. Find it here.

pink high neck dress

It’s time for some colour guys! Those of you that love colour or want to add a lot of colour into your wardrobe. This dress is perfect and I’m honestly obsessed with it! Green is not a colour I wear often but there are a few pieces that I have that I adore. Find it here.

Green Dress

Last dress because I love bell sleeves and yellow. This dress is adorable and just just screams Summer! Find it here.

yellow bell sleeves dress

Jackets & Coats

I love a good oversized denim jacket, I think you can never go wrong with them. This red one adds such a nice pop of colour and could easily be styled in so many ways. Find it here.

Oversized jacket

Coming back with the yellow for this gorgeous coat. I adore this coat, the colour, the fit, everything. It’s honestly amazing! Find it here.

yellow coat


When I first seen this jumper, I had immediately paired it with a denim skirt in my head. I think the colours would go so well with it and also adds a pop of colour. Find it here.

rainbow jumper

The last thing in this post is this gorgeous crew neck jumper. Now personally I wouldn’t pair it with a t-shirt underneath like they did on the website. The colour is what really drew me to it as you don’t see that shade of blue around often. Find it here.

crew neck

So that’s everything that caught my attention on the Topshop website. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the items! See you in my next post.

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