A Valentines Day Chat

Valentines Day Thoughts

I know Valentines day was yesterday and by now a lot of you will be fed up hearing about it. But today I wanted to give my two cents or really more my opinion on the day. I’ve never really understood the hype about it all. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to pay attention to those you love and make them feel appreciated but shouldn’t that happen everyday?


We shouldn’t just be dedicating one day every year to make sure the person we love actually feels that love. And since when did showing someone you love them, mean spending a fortune and buying them things they don’t really need, just so you can show that love?

Showing someone you love them, isn’t a materialistic thing. It’s just been made that way by companies so that you will go out and buy their products, and it does a good job. I mean how many of you received/gave a gift for Valentines day? Retailers use it to their advantage to jump up sales for the week and it works! Everyone seems to love the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an unromantic, bitter person. I have a boyfriend who I adore but Valentine’s day means nothing to either of us and so we go about our day like we would any other day. I love romance and feeling loved like any other person but I would never want to be bought something on Valentine’s day just because of the day that’s in it. And I know the intention behind it is always pure, that they just want to show their love. But I would much rather it shown in small gestures often, with a day in watching films with some sweets, or a night out on the town.

And look how many girls and guys spend their Valentine’s day alone, not feeling loved or good enough. I don’t think there should be a day that makes people feel like they aren’t good enough to be loved. Everyone us always good enough to be loved and I believe that God has a person waiting for everyone, its just that we all want to meet that special someone now! But it will happen, never lose hope in yourselfđź’•

But isn’t it funny how this whole day came about because of a man in jail that wrote a letter to someone special, and so they took the opportunity to commercialise it into a day people have to live up to and if they don’t they’re seen as not being a good partner?

In my personal opinion, its a day I’ll never really get involved with but I do think its cute seeing all the couples looking loved up! Let me know what your thoughts are on the day in the comments? See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,