Nanshy Brushes Review

I love buying/receiving new brushes as you can never really have enough can you? So recently I was gifted these brushes by Nanshy. I wasn’t asked to do a review or anything, they were just a PR gift but I thought that I would give you my honest opinion for any of you out there that might be wanting to invest in some new brushes.

Nanshy brushes


When it comes to buying brushes it can get very expensive. I even find nowadays that brushes that used to be on the lower end, in terms of price are now just as pricy as their alternatives. You might be able to buy 4 brushes in Boots by a certain brand for €30 but Nanshy tend to be a little bit more well priced. For a twelve piece brush set, it would cost you €49.95. Honestly I think that’s a very good price compared to what you may find in Boots or Superdrug for well made brushes.

Where can you buy them?

So Nanshy do have a website which you can purchase them off and I should also mention that you can buy the brushes separately or in smaller sets, they also come in black or white but I personally love the white! Anyway, they do sell them on their site but a lot of you would probably prefer to purchase them off Beauty Bay. I will leave a link here for anyone that wants to find out more about them.

Nanshy brushes

The Quality/Feel

So are they worth your money? From my honest opinion yes, yes they are! The only brushes I can compare them to are Sigma. The quality of these brushes is up there if not the same. The handle of each brush is crafted well and is sturdy. The bristles are synthetic and super super soft! Each brush works amazing to the purpose it was made for. I think that if you are on the look off some new brushes, I would definitely choose Nanshy over Sigma, as you are pretty much getting the same brushes for a much smaller price.

Overall from my honest opinion, I would 100% go out and buy these brushes the next time I need new ones. I think the quality is amazing and a lot better than I was expecting when I received the brushes. Let me know your favourite brushes in the comments, or if you’ve ever tried Nanshy brushes, whst are your thoughts? See you in my next post.

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*items where gifted as part of PR but review is my honest thoughts and no links are affiliate links, nor am I earning anything from posting this post.