Edinburgh: Things to do & Trip Round Up

If you follow me on Instagram you might be aware that I was away for the last week in Edinburgh, Scotland. I went on a girls trip away for 4 days with two of my best friends. I thought I would write a post on what I got up to over there and some of my thoughts on Edinburgh and the trip. So we headed off from Dublin on Monday morning. The flight over took a whole 40 minutes and was the quickest 40 minutes, we were in Edinburgh before we knew it!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Arriving In Edinburgh

Once we landed we headed straight to the apartment that we were staying in for the four days,. I had found this apartment from the Booking.com app and I wasn’t disappointed when we arrived there. The apartment was right in the centre of Edinburgh city and was in walking distance of every attraction and any shop you would need.

As for the city itself, it was beyond beautiful. If you are into architecture, then Edinburgh is definitely a place you should visit. Every building was so pretty, I would love to have more buildings of that architecture here in Ireland. Within the new town there were so many shops to visit, you would get lost in it all. Any shop you could want or need was right on your doorstep.

Going Site Seeing

One thing that we wanted to do a lot of when we were there was going site seeing. Just being a general tourist and doing all the tourist things. So the first thing on our list was visiting the underground close that was Mary Kings Close. This was something I had never heard of before going to Scotland. The fact that they have a little town underground the main Edinburgh city fascinates me. It is kept in the same condition as it would have been back in the day. You are brought around the close by a tour guide, who tells you all about the story of Mary King and how people used to live at the time. Its so interesting to hear about how people lived in the closes and what life was like for them. Unfortunately you can’t take any pictures on the tour. The underground close is just underneath the government building so I can’t show you what it was like but just know that I would definitely recommend it!

Next on our list was the Edinburgh Dungeons. We had heard so much about this and we were so eager to try it out. This dungeon tour was full of laughs and scares and was not a tour that you would take very seriously. The story was based off of true history of Edinburgh’s dungeons and the actors incorporated you into the tour. It was very entertaining and even had a boat ride and a mini roll coaster at the end. I would 100% recommend this as it was so much fun! You never knew what was going to happen next which made it even more fun.

During the last few days we did some sight seeing. We visited the castle and the museum which was so interesting. The museum was filled with so many things, including animals, space and engineering. It was huge and you could have spent a whole day there but we then went onto the sightseeing bus that showed us all of the famous and historical sights around the city. The last thing we went to see was the cathedral as it was right beside our apartment. It was so pretty and again had amazing architecture as the whole of Edinburgh did.


As for the nightlife I was a little disappointed with this. As far as I’m aware Edinburgh is known for having a good night life. For me though, it didn’t pack up to my expectations. Maybe that’s because I’m Irish and used to lots of pubs and nightclubs with a great atmosphere. Now I do have to take into account that I wasn’t there on a Saturday night to see what it was like but every other night didn’t have a good atmosphere at all.

My overall thoughts of Edinburgh is that it is so pretty and has amazing architecture. It is definitely somewhere I’m glad I visited and I enjoyed every second there. But I do have to say that after three days, we didn’t have much more to do and were left searching for things to do which is not something that I was used to doing when visiting a new¬† city. I was a little disappointed with that fact. I would definitely recommend you to go and see it as it is beautiful but if I was to go again, I probably would only go for a weekend. Let me know in the comments if you have ever visited and what your favourite things were. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,