It’s Time To Live In The Moment

I don’t know about you but living in the moment is something I’ve been struggling with over the last few months. Going through your last year of college is stressful enough without every lecturer telling you how important it is to start focusing on the future. The future is a scary thing for a lot of people especially if you have no idea what is going to happen or where you even want it to go.

My anxiety has been hitting the roof for multiple reasons lately. Leaving all my problems and struggles to God has been something I’ve been struggling with lately. With deadline after deadline in college, little money to get by and little time to do anything but college work and actual work. It can be hard to take a breather and take time for yourself where you can relax and evaluate what’s really important in life.


There are times when I get caught up in the world and forget that putting God first will take away a lot of my stresses and troubles. I know me saying these things might not make sense to a lot of you who don’t have the same beliefs. But I do think that it is important for me to talk about it.

Life has so many stresses and we all have times when it becomes a little too much for us to try and control. When you are juggling so many things at once it can all become overwhelming. I have been finding that lately I’ve been letting it all get to me a little too much. Getting caught up in the stresses of life is never a good thing for anyone. For me though its not good at all as it spikes up my anxiety that I’ve had under control for the last while. I don’t talk about it on here as I’m not one to give advice on it. What I have realised recently is that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to over thinking. I over think everything, and I mean everything! Keeping it under control so that my thoughts don’t run away on me.

Any of you who have been reading my blog for a while might have noticed that I’ve put my blog on the long finger recently. For the last while college and life have been hectic and focusing on my blog is something that I have not been focusing on much. I love blogging and writing but college and work comes first so for the next few weeks, I will probably only be blogging once a week. I’ve been taking a break from social media the last few days, just as I don’t have enough time to be uploading on it all the time. Once college dies down I will be back posting so regularly, you’ll probably be sick of me.

Anyway for now I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have been struggling with stress or anxiety and what you have found helps you best. Any advice would be helpful for anyone reading this who is suffering. Se you all soon,

Thank you for reading,