Where is the Future of the Blogging Industry?

I’ve been seeing a lot recently that people both in the blogging industry and in the media in general are questioning the future of the blogging industry. I was reading all these tweets, articles and posts and thought to myself, what do I think? As a blogger I think its important to read around and be aware of what is happening within the blogging community. Now I’m no expert and I can’t tell any of you where exactly its going to go for any of us in this business but I thought I would give my two cents on what I have read and my personal thoughts on it all.


So to start off, majority of what I read was from ‘influencers’, now I personally don’t particularly like that word so I’m using it loosely. By influencers I just mean anyone with a somewhat substantial following on social media, this could be from 1,000 to 1 million, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, what I had read was that a lot of people think that the industry is moving away from blogging and towards, Instagram. Now in some sense I agree with this statement, just from basic observation I can see that it is moving in some shape or form. Even myself as a blogger, I find myself spending less time reading blogs that I would have in the past and more time on Instagram chatting to you all. I think a lot of people like the quick and easy access of Instagram, where everything is in the one place instead of having to search up different peoples blogs to read their content. And I do understand this in some sense as well as Instragram allows people to interact and talk about topics all in the one place from all of their favourite people.

But does that mean that blogging will suffer so much so that it will disappear into the abyss like Bebo did? Personally I don’t think so, I do think that it will have some sort of impact but not to that effect. I think unlike platforms such as Bebo, blogging is a platform that is forever evolving. It is always changing with the times and that helps to keep it relevant compared to other platforms.

Since I am mentioning Bebo so much in this post, please tell me you all know what I’m talking about because if you don’t you’re going to make me feel so old!😂

I think its impossible though to be able to say where exactly blogging will be in the next 5 or 10 years. It could go either way. Is the industry too saturated, that’s a question for another post but I do think that it does make a difference to success, how much people are in the industry. I’m after sparking another idea in my head now so expect a new post soon about my thoughts on the blogging industry and whether I think its getting too saturated!

But back to the purpose of this blog post. Feel free to give your opinion in the comments but in my opinion I think that blogging will continue to grow, maybe some sectors more than others, I think the beauty blogs might die down a bit but travel and lifestyle just tend to be getting more popular. Regardless though of how the industry goes, I do hope that you all continue to write about everything you’re passionate about and to those of you who are contemplating making a blog its not too late, if you have a passion and want to write about it go ahead! You never know where it could take you. So that’s my thoughts on the topic, let me know yours in the comments. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,