How Young is Too Young For Social Media?

This is a bit different of a post for me but its something that I’ve been thinking about recently. How young is too young to be on social media?

You see people getting younger and younger and having their own phones and laptops to be able to look up or be on whatever site they want with little to no supervision on them. It actually scares me that children as young as eight have phones and social media accounts. The internet can be a scary place for an adult and personally, in my opinion, there is no way a child should be on it.

I went though my childhood not having any phone or not using the internet at all and my childhood memories couldn’t be happier. Children are spending more and more time on technology that their attention span is so bad. I’m not saying this out of nowhere, I have seen it myself with kids that are 10 and under. Parents with busy schedules that don’t want to be running around after an energetic child will put an iPad in front of them, letting the child spend hours in front of it without even looking up or interacting with people in the room! Its becoming so common nowadays. Teachers are beginning to find it so hard to teach children in schools as their attention span is so bad that they can’t focus on the school work for long enough. It really is a big issue with the younger generation.

I’ve seen children on social media as young as 10. Whether that social media be Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t matter, each and everyone of them can be so dangerous to children. There’s only so much a parent can monitor when it comes to the internet and I’ve found that children are getting more internet savy that they can out think the parents and undo any precautions that have been put in place to keep them from going on certain sites.

So how young is too young? If we really think about social media and the affect it has on us as 20 something year olds, or however old you are. What good would it be to a younger person? They see their friends in school and can go out with their friends to play when they get home so is there any need at all for them to be on those platforms? For me personally the answer is 100% no! There is no need for someone so young to be open to the world that can sometimes be such a nasty world.

I think the younger generation are growing up way too early as it is and partly this is down to social media and how they think they should look. I think it is just a downward spiral for children and doesn’t have any upsides to their lives so why allow them on it. I also think that the social media platforms should be doing something about it, more than what they are doing anyway.

I think I was around 15/16 when I created my first account on social media and I’m pretty sure it was Facebook, I was probably a bit older when I ventured onto the others as there was really no need for them in my life. I still honestly think that it should be that way for the younger generation. There is no need to have social media accounts any earlier as its ruining children’s childhoods.

This is a pretty random post for my blog but I was thinking about it lately and would love to hear your thoughts on the topic, so definitely let me know in the comments what your thoughts are. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,