Tuesday’s Thoughts: Are We Too Judgmental?

So its here, the series I have been planning on making for a little while. Within this series I will talk all about topics that are in the moment and on peoples minds. I posted on Instagram that I was thinking of starting this series and lots of you told me to go for it! Like I said in that post, I want to start getting you all involved someway within my posts, so this week, I conducted a poll on my Twitter, where I asked you if you thought that people were too judgmental in our generation and I was actually so surprised that the results came back that 100% of you think that we are. So here are my thoughts on the matter:

Is this generation too judgmental?

It’s a question I have been thinking about recently. It’s hard to know the boundary between being too judgmental on someone or something. Being in college/university for the last four years has taught me that there are a lot of people out there who are very judgmental. I do believe that it is just in peoples nature to be a little bit more judgmental than others. So what does being judgmental actually mean?

love, lauren ellen

According to my dictionary, that I don’ t think I’ve opened in the last 6 years, it states that being judgmental is “having or displaying an overly critical point of view”. Did you think of anyone in particular when you read that? So that’s what the dictionary says but is that what it is seen as today. Depending on who you ask, they will have a different answer on what being too judgmental is, and where the boundary begins.

I have seen it first hand where something someone says is seen as being very judgmental by one and just an honest opinion by the other, so where do we draw the line? Was stuff like that always said, just that people had thicker skin to be able to brush it off? Growing up, there was always someone that had something to say that was seen as judgmental, nothing was ever said about it as that was just who they were, they didn’t think before they spoke. Nowadays though, I don’t think anyone can get away with saying something judgmental about someone and get away with it or even use the excuse of not thinking. I think that’s one good thing about social media, it gives people the opportunity to think before they ‘speak’. Although a lot of people still don’t, the option is there for them and when they don’t take advantage of it, there’s people out there that will happily tell them to use it next time.

Do we as a generation just feel that people are too judgmental online or is it seen as an offline issue too? Personally I think its more of an online issue than offline. Of course there are still going to be people in your life that will judge you for certain decisions. For instance if you are a blogger, you might get judged by others for thinking your so cool just because you have a blog, but everyone who has a blog knows that is not the case.

But then there is the question, do we think others are too judgmental on us or are we too judgmental of ourselves? I think most people will see it as a bit of both. Being judgmental on others is not a good or attractive habit to have but it is one that will never go away. There will always be someone out there that has something to say but maybe people let it get to them a bit more than they should. At the end of the day, judging someone, whether it be on looks or not, is completely unnecessary. If someone has a different opinion that’s okay, don’t judge their whole lives. Majority of the times people don’t truly know the person they may be making judgmental comments on so really what is the need. You see it so much on social media, is it that persons genuine opinion or is it them being right out judgmental on someone they don’t know, I think that’s were the line needs to be drawn, an opinion is an opinion at the end of the day but judging someone as a personal attack or to make yourself feel better is definitely not.

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