New Bloggers Retweet and Chats Account!

It’s been 11 days since I last posted and I apologise for that but I have been so busy with my last few weeks in college before I graduate. There are many posts in the pipeline, I just have to have the time to actually type them up, but I hope you can wait a little while longer for me to get back to normal with posting on here.  This post is a little short one that I just wanted to make for anyone who is not following me on Twitter, you can click here to follow me if you like.

If you are not following me you might not have noticed that today I announced that I created a retweet account on Twitter that is dedicated to retweeting all of you lovely lots posts! I know there are other retweet accounts out there but a lot of them are no longer retweeting and if they are they are only retweeting one or two posts a day and for a retweet account, that’s not really acceptable. So I asked you all to vote on Twitter and let me know if you wanted me to create one and 80% of you said you did so I took on your advice and Here it is!


Bloggers Reunite is dedicated to retweeting bloggers posts and bringing back the blogging community that seems to have disappeared in recent years. So make sure to click this link and give it a follow. I am determined to make sure no bloggers get left behind, so come and show your support.

To be featured all you have to do is tag @blggers_reunite in the tweet or tag them using the hashtag #blggers_reunite. This way the account will be notified when you all post and can make sure that all of your blog post are being seen on our account so that we can make sure to retweet every single one of them and get them seen!

I hope you all get involved and show your support, it would not only mean a lot to me but also to all the fellow bloggers out there. So here’s to a new chapter for us bloggers, its time to reunite!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow @blggers_reunite here,

See you in my next post,