Summer Bodies…Fad Diets…Is There Ethics In Advertising?

So it’s nearly Summer and with that comes a lot of stress not only for us women but also for men too. Feeling confident is something that a lot of people struggle with and of course Summer can be the worst time for peoples confidence. Not only are you seeing people with amazing figures left, right and center but you’re also being told by advertisers that you being the way you are is not good enough?

Love, Lauren ellen

Comparing yourself to others around you is something everyone does. It’s such an unhealthy habit but I think we all have to admit that we do it from time to time and generally just end up feeling shit after, then questioning why we even bother… Comparing yourself to others is something that you can control within yourself and not something that is postered all around you as something that is healthy and should be done. So why do advertisers find the need to add it in as if its some healthy habit we all need to put into our lifestyle?

Studying advertising for four years has taught me that ethics, doesn’t come into play a lot of the time. As long as it catches your attention and gains publicity then that’s all that matters. As the saying goes “No publicity is bad publicity” and advertisers live off of that saying. Even if it means making people feel bad about themselves, if that means that you will use their products then its a job well done for them.

I’ve seen a lot recently on social media that a lot of women are feeling so self conscious of themselves now that the summers is coming around and this isn’t being helped by celebrities like Kim Kardashian talking about a liquid diet where she doesn’t eat to lose lots of weight, nor does it help that there are so many adverts out there endorsing this stuff to try and make people use their products to gain a ‘healthy lifestyle’.

When inlfuencers such as Kim have such a big following, it’s so sad to see that young girls really believe this is how to look like her when realistically, if we actually think about it, she probably doesn’t even use them and is just being paid to say she does. But the knock on affect from that could be huge! Not only will young girls not feel good enough because they don’t look like her but when they purchase the product and start putting on weight the minute they start to eat again, it could be so damaging to their mental health and can cause so many problems with their future relationship with food. It may not look like much as you just scroll past it on the internet but to a young girl who looks up to her and already feels self conscious it can have a detrimental affect on them. So why is it still happening?

Where are the days when people could go about their lives without people judging and interfering just based on someones looks. People have become so obsessed with being the smallest and prettiest version of themselves that they lose focus on what really matters in life. We get so hooked up on the vanity in life that is causes us to feel so down and shit about ourselves. It’s not all our faults though. When you have so much influence around you, it’s always going to affect you in some shape or form.

In my opinion, I hope to see less and less of these unhealthy images and products floating around in the future. It’s not healthy for anyone, especially the younger generation. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,