Are We Offended Too Easily Nowadays?

For a quick answer, my initial thought is yes, 100%. With everything going on in the world, one might think that free speech isn’t even a thing anymore. When you really think about it, if someone is talking to a large group of people, something they say will inevitably offend someone. Does that mean that that person shouldn’t share their opinion or experience? Definitely not, not in my opinion anyway.

are we offended to easily?

We all know that there are different people with different opinions and sometimes you won’t agree nor will you be able to see eye to eye, but why would someone having a different opinion offend you?

Recently I’ve realised that people may say they are open to hearing others opinions when they really are not, not only that but they will find it very offensive if you show your opinion. Even when the opinion has nothing to do with them personally. I think there is a line of course but for so many people to talk about equality and free speech but to then not allow that free speech, doesn’t that seem a bit hypocritical?

Now I’m not talking about people using their speech to hate on others or drag people down. I’m just talking about honest opinions. Have you ever been offended by someone’s opinions on something? It seems to happen all too often on social media nowadays.

Does that mean that we as people need to toughen up or does it mean that we have just had enough and don’t even want to listen unless it matches up to our thoughts?

This post is a mixture of questions that I can’t answer myself alone. I conducted a poll on Twitter a while back where I asked you if you thought people took offense too easily nowadays and 80% of you said yes, so I suppose I’m not alone with these thoughts.

Are we all so caught up in ourselves that when someone points out a different point of view we immediately get defensive without really taking in what they have said? I think that happens a lot. From what I’ve experienced in my life and majorly from what I have seen, it is definitely the case that people take offense without really listening to what the person has said. We are too quick to judge and with that we are too quick to take offense. Why don’t we all try listening and hearing people out before we calculate whether it really was offensive.

These are just some personal thoughts I’ve been thinking about recently and it has struck a chord with me that I think a lot of people are too offensive. Gone are the days where an honest opinion was seen as a good trait, now when you tell someone that a top might not look as nice as another, they will jump to the defensive side, even though they asked for that honest opinion. I think we all need to realise that some of the most honest people in our lives will be some of the most trustworthy people you will meet. So try to take a second to think about what someone has said and see if it was just taken up wrong before we get defensive.

So that’s all for todays post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, it was a bit of a random post but one that I’ve been thinking about recently. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading.