Some of My All Time Makeup Favourites

I used to always write beauty posts last year but as I wrote a post about a few months ago, I fell out of love with makeup but I thought I would update you guys on some of the products that I use non stop and I don’t think I will be switching them up anytime soon! All of these products I have repurchased as I just love the way they both look and last on my skin.

Just to let you guys know, I do have oily skin and really tend to struggle with it in the summer time when the weather is hot, so if you are like me and are looking for some staple makeup you know you can rely on, hopefully this post will be of some help to you, if not, I hope you find some new stuff to try out.

So the first one to talk about is a product I was actually sent at the end of last year by the lovely girls at Pixi Beauty. This is a hard product to explain, as it states it is a balm but I also love to use it over my moisturiser and under my primer as it really helps for the rest of my makeup to glide on so smoothly. It also really helps to brighten up my face on days when its looking a little worse for wear. Alternatively though, you can also use this as a face mask, all you have to do is apply a heavier layer and leave it on for 5-10 minutes and you have yourself a face mask! I love products that can be used for different purposes. You can pick it up on Cult Beauty here.

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while when I used to always write beauty posts, you’d have seen this a lot and were probably fad up hearing about it but it is honestly the best concealer I have ever used, from both the drugstore and high end brands. I believe it only comes in five shades, which is not good at all but that is the only bad thing I can really say about this concealer. I always struggle with concealers as I’m so pale,the only thing I’m missing from being a true ginger is the hair! But luckily, I love being pale and I wouldn’t change it for the world, the point in me talking about my paleness though is because some of you may have the same problem as me and find it so hard to find a concealer light enough, especially in the drugstore. This concealer however is perfect for all us pale people and for only €3.95 how can you go wrong? It lasts all day on me even with oily skin and it doesn’t crease, I would say that it is medium to full coverage but is buildable to whatever look you desire. You can find it here and all the shades available.

A lot of you may not of heard of this brand, I think that they are so underhyped and underrated but this is a brow gel/pomade from Cailyn Cosmetics. Although I have never tried anything else from the brand I have heard a few people, especially Irish bloggers talk about how good their liquid lipsticks are. Anyway, I picked this up over a year ago I’d say and am yet to run out of it, which is pretty good going considering I wear it every time I wear makeup. The shade I have is cocoa and it is the perfect shade to match my hair. They have eight shades in total and cocoa is number four, so they do have quite dark and light options to choose from. This brow pomade stays on forever and doesn’t budge at all! It retails for around €25 which isn’t too expensive for a high end brand and especially if it is going to last as long as mine has, I’d 100% recommend! You can check out all the shades here.

Excuse the not so pretty picture for this one, as you can see it is very well loved! I’m needing to pick a new one up so that I have it in stock for when this one runs out. I will say though, the downside to this is that it only has a range of four shades, which really is not good enough when it comes to concealers and foundations, there are more people in the world  that need more than just the four shades. As a silver lining though, Catrice have come out with both darkening and lightening drops for foundations so that you can get the exact shade you need. I am yet to try these out as they just dropped but I definitely will and I’ll report back but at least its an option for any of you that struggle to find the right shade in the drugstore for you. You can find the foundation and the drops here.

catrice foundation

So that’s it for todays post, I hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know what your thoughts are on some of my favourite products and also don’t forget to let me know what some of your favourites are as I’d love to discover more! See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,