My Story With Migraines… An Update, Again

So here we are again on the migraine topic, I had so many of you contact me after the last two posts I did on my migraines, (which you can catch up on here for the first and here for the second if you haven’t read them) that I thought I would update you all again as they have changed a bit for me since the last update.

my story with migraines

So if I remember rightly, the last time I spoke about my migraines I was getting them once a week along with one or more headaches a week as well. I had just ruled out getting migraines due to a magnesium deficiency and was beginning a journey of eating healthy. I’m going to be honest with you guys and say that that healthy eating didn’t go on for a long time, not that I didn’t want to but somethings happen in life that change plans. But once I was feeling a bit more on track I began with the somewhat healthy eating again. My main priority was to cut out or at least cut down MSG. If you don’t know what MSG is, it is basically a preservative put in food to enhance the taste of it, it is completely artificial and not at all healthy but you will be surprised just how many foods it is in. As I am quite a fussy eater as it is, eating different meals became even more difficult as any sauce I liked had MSG in it and certain meats even had it in them so my choices where very slim. I will say though, it definitely helped to cut down my migraines, by a LOT! I was still getting them but I would say only around twice a month and I wasn’t getting the usual headaches twice a week either. So it was definitely worth the hassle. I am now still on this ‘plan’ but allow myself one product a day that has MSG, I have found that one product doesn’t make a difference, it’s only if I have quite a few of them in a short space of time.

The second thing that I have been doing that has definitely helped along with cutting down on MSG is going to the gym and working out. I go to the gym three times a week and workout for around one and a half or two hours. This has helped hugely with my mental health and keeps me feeling positive, not only by seeing the results that working out gives but also helps me to destress, especially when I was doing my final year exams. Working out is something that really helps with a lot of areas in life. I know it can be so hard to motivate yourself or to even keep yourself motivated so that you don’t give up but it is honestly one of the best decisions I have made for my health.

So to conclude this post, it is finally more of a positive one, in regards to my migraines. I now get migraines around once a month which is a crazy big difference compared to a few months ago when I was getting two a week along with headaches all the time. I am so happy and thankful that I decided to take this journey to try and figure it out for myself without having to go to the doctors and be put on unnecessary pills for no  reason other than for me to go back to the doctor every time I need more. I’m glad that I don’t have to take painkillers all the time as it can be so damaging to be on them for such a long time. After nearly 8 years of really bad migraines, I can finally say that I am happy to have them twelve times a year compared to fifty two! So yeah, that’s it for todays post, I hope you guys enjoyed it or found it interesting, let me know your experiences in the comments and let me know what has and hasn’t worked for you? See you in my next post.

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