Is the Blogging Industry Getting Too Saturated?

Is the blogging industry getting too saturated?

This is something I’ve been asking myself recently. There are so many bloggers in the industry and it is forever growing. Can it get to a point where there are to many of us?

Blogging is something that didn’t exist twenty years ago but has become one of the biggest areas people want to get into now. And with that, there are now so many people within the blogging community that some are starting to question if it is too saturated or if it is heading that way. This post is just all about my personal opinion, obviously I don’t know exactly what is happening in every area of blogging, nor do I know exactly what the future holds for the blogging industry but I do know that it has become so big recently that it is questionable exactly how many bloggers is too many?

I’m only a very small blogger, especially compared to some in the industry who have really made a name for themselves. Although I don’t really see blogging as being my full time income in the future, I do hope it plays a role within my future. I love writing and blogging is a great way to express experiences and opinions. There are so many different areas within blogging which is why so many people can be apart of it. Of course there are for instance, a lot of beauty bloggers around but how can anyone say there is too many? Each beauty blogger will have a different personality and opinion and that’s what helpss differentiate them from each other and that’s the same in every segment of the industry. How do we determine when there is too many? Who determines it?

Is it just a hobby?

Not all bloggers will want to make it an occupation, so can there really ever be too many? Maybe in the professional sense, as companies may find it hard to pick bloggers to help promote their products if the market is so saturated, but for most bloggers who just love to blog and interact and gain skills, I don’t see it getting too saturated.

I mean of course as a blogger you will be contacted to work with companies, even if it isn’t your profession but they contact you as you have something to offer that other bloggers they have seen didn’t. You are completely different to everyone else and that’s one reason why I think that for some part, the blogging industry won’t become so over saturated that it will stop. For majority of bloggers, its just a hobby, one that might someday get them somewhere but if it does or not isn’t important, they have a blog because they like writing and creating content and just being creative. Blogging isn’t easy by any means, and for a hobby it takes up quite a lot of time, its not a hobby that can really be done if you don’t give it your all.

Making your blog you business

If you are trying to make your blog your business though, it can definitely be a daunting thought. Especially if you think off the top of your head what really sets you apart from others? As more people get into blogging, it can become harder and harder to get noticed. I think once you do, brands tend to all gravitate towards the already noticed bloggers, and forget that there’s so many others out there who have so much potential, with an audience that really values what they have to say. I won’t even mention Instagram, I think we could all rant on for days about that one! But just for blogging in general, if you are wanting your blog to be seen, it can seem impossible at times. We start comparing ourselves to others in the industry who might be gaining followers way quicker than you or they might have more loyal followers than you, but that doesn’t mean that they write any better than you or that you’re time won’t come.


One big thing I’ve noticed in the blogging industry is that we all, from time to time can compare each other. Sometimes it can be healthy to check out other people and find what sets you apart, it really helps to see your approach clearer. Once it becomes an obsession or a habit that gets you down, that’s when it is not done to benefit you or your brand but only makes you feel like you’re not good enough and that should never be done by anyone, we are all good enough to blog, whether it be for a hobby or more than that.

Shouldn’t we just support each other?

I’ve always found it so hard to understand why some friends don’t support you and won’t even give you the time of day when you get excited over an opportunity. What I’ve learned is to not let it get you down. Don’t give up on something just because others don’t support you, it reflects on their character, not on yours, you keep doing you! But that brings me to the point of bloggers. Shouldn’t we all just be helping each other along this journey? Be happy for someone if they land an amazing deal and help each other along the way so that we can all achieve our goals, without any of us getting left behind, that has to be doable, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’m going to finish this post here, otherwise I could write for days on the topic. Let me know your thoughts though, and try to make a conscious effort to support others, whether you are a blogger or not, you’ll never understand how much it means when someone takes the time to show some support to someones hard work! See you all in my next post.

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