The Best Liquid Lipstick!

So it’s been a while! I didn’t intend on taking a two week break but once exams hit my blog had to take a little bit of a back step and that lasted a little bit longer than I intended it to, but I thought I would come back with a positive and chat to you all about my favourite liquid lipstick in the drugstore!

I’ve tried a lot of liquid lipsticks from a lot of brands and have been let down by so many times as they just don’t meet my expectations. There are some good ones out there don’t get me wrong they are not all bad but nothing has compared to the Maybelline Matte Ink lipstick!

The lipstick claims to have a lasting power of 18 hours and honestly, I have to agree with it. I have put this to the test and it didn’t budge one bit! I did lots of eating and drinking and even went for a nap and woke up with it still looking perfect! I didn’t have to reapply it once which is what I am after as I hate having to redo my makeup throughout the day.

It is a matte finish but doesn’t dry out your lips at all. It leaves them feeling soft and even if you have dry lips, it won’t extenuate how dry they are and won’t stick to the cracks. Also the scent of the lipsticks are amazing! They smell like marshmallows which was an amazing surprise as there is nothing worse than a lipstick smelling full of chemicals.

It retails for €8/£5 which is super affordable, especially compared to higher end products. You can find them in any drugstore such as Boots or Superdrug, you can also order them online on FeelUnique, which you can find here. 

All in all, I can’t really fault this lipstick, I’m going to pick up more shades this week but for now, I’m in love with them and would 100% recommend! So that’s it for this post, I won’t leave it long before my next one! I’m back to my usual schedule of 2 posts a week now, Tuesday and Saturday! See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,