Let’s Chat Love Island…

I’m sure you’ve all be watching Love Island this year, especially if you have clicked to read this post. I go on Twitter every night to see my feed completely full of Love Island tweets from everyone and I really do feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t like Love Island as you really can’t go on social media even if you do mute the words, they still seem to pop up, (so I’ve been told anyway). I’ve watched Love Island since the first season and have always loved the show. It’s so different to other reality TV that I have seen.

I have had to catch up on Love Island for the last few nights as I have been so busy with work and life stuff that I never had a chance to sit down and watch it when it was on, but I can’t complain as I had it all recorded and got to catch up with it all on Sunday night when I was having a well needed chill day.

What are all your thoughts on this years show firstly? I’m not a fan, especially compared to previous years, it’s not half as entertaining. Season 2 &3 were my favourites, everyone was so rememberable in both of those series but in this one, there are no big personalities that you can click with or relate to.

Alex… There was so much love for Alex at the start and even now some people think that he is amazing. I on the other hand think he is a little annoying. Don’t get me wrong it would be awful to be in there for so long and not have anyone interested in you but the way he talked to Ellie was not on. It showed a side of him that made it seem like just because a girl showed him interest, that he now owned her and she couldn’t say a thing against him or chat to anyone else. The way he behaved was so immature, it would be a complete turn off to any girl walking in there or even in the outside world, no girl should stand to be talked about or treated like that. In the last episode when he was in Casa Amor, saying that he was subbing one girl and putting her on the sub bench for the night and hopping into bed with a different girl was just so childish of 27/28 year old man, whatever age he may be, you should never value women so lowly.

Wes… Do we even want to talk about Wes or Megan? I was so shocked that he even paid her any attention, I really thought that he liked Laura but apparently not! What was the worst part I thought, was how Megan behaved when Laura was upset. The smirk on her face thinking she had “won” was disgusting to be honest and not something that girls should ever do to one another. Wes on the other hand, really should have went about it a different way. Obviously he can’t stop himself for having feelings for someone else but obviously his feelings for Laura were not as strong as he was making them out to be to her which is never a nice thing for someone to do. He’s after going down a bit in my books.

Laura… We might as well chat about Laura while we are here. I didn’t really like her at the start. Mainly because she suddenly had interest in Wes when she found out how much money he spends on his dates. But I will say that as the show has gone on it has definitely seemed like she is actually quite genuine and thoughtful. Seeing her upset with what happened is something that a lot of girls can relate to and I think the way she handled it showed that she is actually quite mature. I know she is 29 but she definitely handled it a lot better then most girls in the villa would have.

Megan… Seeing as we are talking about this love triangle, I might as well briefly talk about Megan. The only good thing I can really say about her is that her figure is insane! But once you get passed that, she really disappointed me. She has no loyalties to someone that she was supposedly friends with and then also slagged Laura off for sleeping with more people than her even though a while before she was talking all about girl power! Anyway, I could go on but I won’t we’ll see if she is loyal to Wes I suppose.

Dani and Jack… I am putting these in the same bracket as I don’t really think you can talk about one without instantly talking about the other and how well they work together. Everything is easy with them, they just get each other and that is what every couple looks for. I am so happy that they are back in the same villa. The stress that they put her under for no reason was uncalled for. To be honest, in my opinion, it wasn’t even good tv as I just felt so sorry for her.

Georgia… She is a gem really isn’t she and Josh didn’t deserve such a loyal woman if he wasn’t going to be loyal in return. She is the friend every girl wants and looks for but yet they are so hard to find. She is the most gorgeous girl in their and her personality is so strong too, the way she held herself together at the last recoupling, i will never know how she did that but I raise a glass to her, she is amazing!

Samira… I like her and then she does something to change my mind. She was great and still is great and entertaining at times but she can also be a bad friend in some parts so its hard to make a good judgment of her character. As for her and Frankie, I don’t think it will last too long, he doesn’t seem to be that interested in her, I think he’s more interested in staying in the show, than staying with her and turning that relationship into something.

Adam… Do I even need to chat about Adam, I think every woman on the planet who has been watching love island feels the same way about him. Well, you’d think so, but still there are women going in there thinking that they can be the one to change them. A man will not change unless he wants to within himself, even if he sees the love of his life. That’s just the way it is and there will come a day when he wants to have one woman and be happy but for now that is not the case! Definitely not the case. He will just keep moving to the next girl as he is never happy, always looking at whats around him instead of what he has.

Ellie… I don’t really know what to make of Ellie. I think she is a nice enough girl but we haven’t really seen that much of her as a person. Any time we see her she just seems to have a few sentences to say. I do think she did the right thing with Alex though and the way he was behaving with her was not nice.

Sam… I don’t know what to make of him. We haven’t really seen that much of him really. Of what we have seen he seems like a nice enough. His eyebrows where getting at me a little bit

I won’t chat about any of the new people in this chat as I will be going on forever and plus I don’t think we’ve seen enough of them on our screens to see what they are really like but I will say on first impressions that I’m not a fan of Ellie, she seems quite ditsy and I’m not a big fan of people like that. So what are you’re thoughts on the villa this year and who do you like and not like? Let me know in the comments. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,